The International Spiritual Truth Association

~ Serving Humanity Through Spirituality ~


The International Spiritual Truth Association

~ Serving Humanity Through Spirituality ~


Through the Lord’s grace, we are a pious benevolent group of spiritual practitioners, dedicated to the spiritual welfare of humanity. We facilitate this through providing ‘insightful spiritual discourses’, ‘spiritual books & writings’, ‘meditation practice sessions’, ‘public information centres’ (to demonstrate the oneness of all great religions & spiritual paths), and finally, an eventual introduction to the living Holy Masters of today (for those who are truly sincere).

Our Mission

Our sacred mission is to help advance humankind towards one faith, one purpose and one family – which is our natural heritage, and, our ultimate truth. The obvious result of this is world peace and goodwill for all humanity. But our free holy mission also offers far more – access to full enlightenment, via the grace of the living Masters. And though we’re not connected to any formal religion, we still acknowledge their great wisdom – as originally taught by their great Spiritual Founders.

However, at our core, we follow the unifying path of the ‘Holy Truth’ – a spiritual path as ancient as humankind itself, from which all true religions emerged. Indeed, throughout history, It has been known by many names, and has had many famed teachers, reveal Its secrets – yet It still remains the mysterious and highest path to God-realisation or Pari-nirvana, in its pure form.

Today, this pure form is known as Sant Mat or Suma Quan Yin, and is the same path taught by all true Holy Masters, Perfect Saints or Divine Prophets (both past & present), Who grace our Earth in every Age, in order to enlighten the sincere seekers of Their time – meaning, those who truly want to know the absolute Truth of God (Nirvana) & Creation. Indeed, many of these Spiritual Leaders left behind Their holy teachings, some of which were used to later form the great religions.


Continuing On…

As a ‘spiritual guidance’ centre we (at ISTAuk™) have no formal leader, and thus, do not desire to segregate ourselves from mainstream society – such as to form a new religion, cult, etc. We simply recognise and share the Divine teachings of all true Holy Masters, Perfect Saints or Divine Prophets (both past & present) – whom we see as equal – including those from Jesus Christ, The Buddha, Prophet Mohammad, the Sikh Gurus, Lord Krishna, the Great Masters of Sant Mat & Quan Yin, and so on. Indeed, They all have the same spiritual truth to impart – beneath the cultural differences – that is sadly lost or ignored, today. It is this spiritual truth that we are solely concerned with. Furthermore, upon recognition of this great wisdom – by those who seek the highest truth – we will also help them to connect directly with a living Perfect Saint or Holy Master of our time (God’s Holy Representative here on Earth Who carry the power and authorityof the Supreme Lord within Them, though remain discrete), for personal instruction – by invoking Their boundless Grace.

Thus, the philosophy of our spiritual mission is clear and simple, and does not require anyone to leave their culture, religion or following – unless they choose to do so, of their own accord. We simply pursue the high spiritual path (science) of re-connecting our true self (the soul), back to our true origin – meaning God (or Pari-nirvana) – that the Lord has placed within each one of us – and which is the true spiritual heart of all the great religions & spiritual paths known today. Therefore, although we (as ISTAuk™ volunteers) originate from different backgrounds, religions, cultures, etc., we are united in our goal for attaining high spiritual Truth, that the Holy Masters, throughout history, have always imparted to Their close/sincere followers.

This high Truth lays far beyond the familiar cultural/myth recordings of the current great religions, that is sadly lost to humanity, due to the various misconceptions of the biased & scholarly (unenlightened) preachers – even today. But this ‘Holy Truth’ is timeless, and lays at the heart of the past & present Holy Masters’, Perfect Saints’ or Divine Prophets’ spiritual missions, here on Earth. Therefore, apart from this, and helping out with environmental & humanitarian projects, we offer nothing else to the material world, nor do we seek fame, fortune or even praise from mainstream society.

Thus… we are an information centre, for spiritual guidance only, and simply practice noble living (with devotional meditation on God’s Holy Mantra), and, selfless service to humanity, as our ethos. What’s more, our free holy service is offered to all, no matter what their background; indeed our practitioner members, themselves, come from all walks of life, but are united in the fact of seeking the high spiritual Truth, mentioned earlier. Incidentally, each member of our “lead group” is Initiated, Baptized or Spiritually Awakened by a particular Holy Master of today – Who all have the same truth to impart, no matter where in the world They are located – and thus practice the same method of devotional connection with the ‘Holy Truth’. Indeed, Holy Masters come to awaken, within us, our own Divine nature & wisdom (or Buddhahood), and then connect us directly to God/Nirvana, our ultimate Origin – for we are all ‘sons’ & ‘daughters’ of God/Nirvana, Who is our true Creator-Origin. That is Their key purpose… Therefore, all are welcome to visit, or contact us, to learn about the high spiritual Truth of God and Creation – similarly taught by Jesus Christ, The Buddha, Prophet Mohammad, the Sikh Gurus, Lord Krishna, Sant Kabir, Maulana Rumi, Guru Ravidas, Hazrat Fareed, Haidakan Baba Ji, Lao Tzu, Great Master Sawan Singh Ji, Supreme Master Ching Hai, Sant Ishwar Ji, Baba Ji of Beas, and many more – whether one is an athiest or a scientist; a religious practioner or a philosopher; or, are simply one of the ‘undecided’ – as long as they are sincere seekers of the highest Truth. See below for our ISTAuk™ “Mission Statement”.

Mission Statement

“Please note that we are a spiritual information and guidance service only, for the sincere seekers of high spiritual Truth. Thus, we do not promote a particular Saint of the day over another, but merely list those whom we find are genuine – in order to help sincere seekers navigate the minefield of modern-day saints/spiritual paths. For this, we have the full blessings and support of the mentioned Saints, but are not affiliated with Them in an official capacity (i.e. as part of Their organisation), as we do not promote one Saint over another. It is for the prospective follower or initiated disciple to decide, as to which they are drawn to by the Lord’s grace. Thus, we are also there to unite the followers of Sant Mat and support their goals, as one community, via the help of truly enlightened speakers/guides – who have been specifically requested to do so, though discretely, by the supporting Sant Mat Gurus. Therefore, our official organisation acts in this manner. Any other reference to ourselves, or claims made by external individuals, should be compared to our official Mission Statement for validation.”    ~ ISTAuk 2016


We invite you to read the postings, articles and books we recommend – all of which are impartial, of high spiritual merit and advocate the sacred truth of the unity of spiritual faiths, and, of human beings as one family of God. Thus, let your heart be your guide. If you encounter something that doesn’t make sense to you, just put it aside and focus on that which you are comfortable with. In the end, the only thing that truly matters, is the truth and love you take from this service. It is best to approach our service with a spirit of genuine seeking, a willingness to learn and a willingness to grow, spiritually. You will not be asked to give up your current religion, philosophy or spiritual path. No two seekers are the same, but all true seekers are moving in the same direction. Hopefully, you will find a deeper understanding of spiritual Truth within these pages that the Supreme Lord has to offer you.

It is important to note that we are an information service only that provides useful facts about high spiritual truth to the sincere seekers of spiritual truth, no matter what their background, who also wish to experience it directly for themselves rather than merely reading or hearing about it. For this aspect, however, we do not affiliate directly with any religion or spiritual group, and certainly do not wish to set up a new religion or cult, etc., but we do provide a means for contacting a relevent group or Holy Master directly for personal guidance.

As mentioned earlier, we are purely a ‘Spiritual & Information & Service’ only that allows those from any background to personally learn about the real high Truth of the Supreme Lord, that many call “God”. Sadly, this high Truth is even today misinterpreted by modern religions, thus confusing true seekers, so that they are more like fantasy stories, legends and myths, rather than an accurate narrative of actual fact – although some Truth does remain embedded within them. It is this unifying truth, and that of true salvation (liberation from human limitation & suffering), that we wish to share with you. You see, true happiness or joy is perfectly possible if only we have the opportunity, desire and wisdom to reach out for it.


So for those who are truly ready & sincere, we can also introduce them to the sacred spiritual Paths of true religion that focus upon finding the highest truth within oneself, closest to their cultural background. This high truth is known as true self-realisation and true God-realisation (leading to the famed Kingdom of God or Buddhahood). However, we do not promote a particular Path or spiritual Master directly, but let the seeker decide with Whom their affinity lays. As such, we never encourage anyone to leave their culture, family or home, or to pay for any service we provide. Similarly, donations to our humanitarian projects, teaching resources and research programs are completely voluntary.

At all times visitors or contacts are treated with respect and equality, and we do not encourage discrimination or discourtesy between practitioners or seekers, at any time. Likewise, there is no dress code other decency or modesty. We are also an environmentally friendly organisation and are completely vegetarian or vegan. We thus follow a moral code that is in harmony with high spiritual development, and so practice moral living, holy prayer and focused meditation as a way of life. Indeed, practitioners quickly discover that they can lead a “charmed life” in this world, while pursuing their spiritual goals, through the power of the Lord’s grace. Contrary to popular myth, there is no requirement to renounce the world, adorn rags, fast to near death, or live in poverty, as these only serve the pride of the ego (as an achievement above others), and so do not bring one closer to the high Truth of the Supreme Lord or of God, Life & Creation. Thus, true peace, bliss and wisdom is perfectly attainable whilst living in the physical world, performing one’s duties to family, society and one’s self. Only simple moral living is required, with holy meditation at the centre of one’s spiritual practice, so as to awaken one’s higher awareness of the true Kingdom of God, and attain contact with the Supreme Lord – our Spiritual Origin.

May the Lord bless you with wisdom, courage and success…

“Only those who are truly fortunate, and awakened, will seek and find the ‘Ultimate Truth’.

Yet, even the wicked and the misguided are filled with virtues deep within. Only a lack of knowledge keeps

them in darkness and in grief. Thus, when the illusion of life is unveiled, worries and suffering come to an

end, and are replaced with feelings of love, peace and acceptance, deep within. Those, however, who are

not yet ready, or not awakened to higher thoughts, will not be interested in spiritual truth!”

~ The Saint With No Name ~

The 5 Divine Rules For Disclosing
‘Holy Revelations’

Now the question of, ‘authority to disclose‘, is often raised, which shall be clarified here. Indeed, there are certain requirements that must be met before ‘an Instrument of God’, or Messenger, can become eligible to impart ‘Sacred Knowledge’ to the unenlightened public – without tainting the purity & power of that Sacred Knowledge, with any form of negativity or ego. Therefore, as this is a great responsibility to behold, i sincerely hope that i have met the ‘5 Requirements’. So, in the interest of all who may benefit from this sacred work – containing Holy Revelations for the Modern Age – a list of these certain requirements, shall be provided here, for greater clarity:

1. The Messenger must be spiritually ‘awakened’, or ‘enlightened’,
sufficiently to understand the true meanings.
2. The Messenger must be free from all personal motives of fame,
pride, reward and profit; nor seek them.
3. The Messenger must be virtuous, respectful and sincere in attitude; free from impiety, arrogance and conceit.
4. The Messenger must refrain from glorifying their role in their holy
works, and from degrading that of others.
5. The Messenger must be prepared to suffer ridicule, condemnation, disrespect and abuse for the sake of the Holy Truth.

“Seekers of the highest Truth, beware: The human mind, by nature,
cannot remain entirely free from bias or judgement, and, so, devisive
opinions are often formed before a thorough examination of a subject,
from all its aspects, has been made. As a result, people are always in the
habit of judging things by their first appearance, rather than their inner
content or deeper meaning. I hope this tragedy does not befall this great

work, for these Revelations are a ‘soul awakening’ rather than a ‘mind
aiding’ truth – though the mind will seize them first.” 

~ Jayson Mann ~

My Personal Oath To The “Supreme Lord”

”I vow to serve my Supreme Lord, for the spiritual benefit of all Humanity;
and to not cease in doing the Lord’s service, even till my last breath,
no matter what personal or global calamities may befall me.
I will not rest from this service until all my brethren (sentient beings),
trapped in the three worlds of karmic (illusory) Creation, are saved,
or until the Supreme Lord, our Creator in the Kingdom of God,
Who is the true Origin of all Creation, instructs me to rest.
May the Lord so bless me with the strength, courage and fortitude
to fulfil this holy vow, all the days of my life, till the very end…”

~ The Saint With No Name ~

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