False Gurus, Prophets, Mystics & Teachers

I would now like to draw one's attention to the numerous fake or misled gurus, prophets, holy men & women, or self-styled spiritual teachers that abound today. They mislead themselves and others through their adopted (not natural) spiritual practices, which they misguidedly use in an attempt to make themselves feel more important (due to their high ego or low self-esteem that craves recognition); or to feel purposeful and accepted in society (by being "special", and thus significant, since they don't feel that they fit in normally). These are, of course, ego-boosting traits, that cannot help anyone, in a true spiritual sense, and so, such individuals should be avoided. They tend to follow current spiritual trends, or may create their own twist on known spiritual concepts, based upon their own interpretations, or may simply copy the habits & practices of the truly enlightened - their heroes - and make them their own. All this behavior is known to psychologists as 'spiritual bypassing', which "refers to the use of spiritual practices and beliefs to avoid confronting uncomfortable feelings, unresolved wounds/issues, and fundamental emotional and psychological needs". They have often previously felt like "failures" in life - many with a tragic history of abuse/bullying that they deeply resent - or are just megalomaniacs in all aspects of life. Some may dabble in the occult and so become possessed by negative entities, who use that individual to promote their own ends. Whatever the reasons, these individuals cannot help anyone, and instead may lead others into harmful cultism (at worst) - or nowhere (at best).

Now, for those who may be concerned about this, there are certain observations that one can make to help recognize the 'false' from the 'true'. These observations can be summarized thus (the false):

1) Expressing Delusions of High Attainment (yet their private life does not reflect this. They also promote rituals, idols & charms);

2) The Promotion of Blind Faith (not allowing the questioning/validating of what one is taught, or fobbing off sincere enquiries);

3) False Claims of Detachment (meaning, they still cling on to family, friends, pets, luxuries or lavish possessions in their life);

4) Emotional Numbing &/or Repression (which often results in outbursts of frustrations, anxiety, or even anger, when provoked);

5) Overemphasis on Strict Discipline (implementing dogmatic or dictatorial regimes that are unnecessarily harsh), or conversely, an Overly Relaxed Approach to Spiritual Practice (encouraging one to simply follow their feelings, or mindfulness ideas, that are not striven to true spiritual ideals), or even, Promoting Immorality or Freedom of Expression as a Means to Enlightenment (such as group sexual practices, drug-taking sessions, sloth, or failure to follow ones duties and take responsibilities in life, etc.);

6) Adopting the Latest Spiritual Fads or Trends as a part of their spiritual practice, or constantly changing the format (this is clearly just pampering to the idle masses, to either join them or respect them, by being "in" or "hip" with the masses);

7) Fostering Damning Judgment about those not on their path (through discrimination, or instilling fear not love), or conversely, being Overly Demonstrative of Compassion, Loving Kindness, Tolerance, Equanimity, Positivity & Celibacy (yet harboring inner frustrations, anger, jealousies, greed, discrimination, and lust, that leak out from time to time);

8) Actively Seeking Attention or Public Audiences to promote their message to the masses, rather than just discretely to genuine enquirers only (clearly a missionary-like approach that is not truly spiritual or respectful), also, Charging Fees for Attending Spiritual Sessions or for Receiving Spiritual Instruction (a business really);

9) Secret Indulgence or Simple Pretence that they keep private, such as meat/fish/egg eating, condoning or ignoring cruelty to animals or the environment; gambling or profiteering, indulging in negative TV/ Movie dramas and/or trivial life dramas, being involved in meat, alcohol/tobacco or other harmful business, or just being a false Guru, etc. (often causing guilt feelings that result in sudden withdrawals from society, accompanied by concealed distress of some sort).

Now, if any one, or more, of these traits are found to be present in your spiritual leader, spiritual advisor or spiritual organization, and, you are a serious spiritual seeker - not just someone looking to be part of a cultural system, trend, spiritual club or fad group, etc., or are not merely a curiosity seeker - then, you should question the validity of what you are following, or, who you are placing your trust upon? These impious traits are all known as "shadow tendencies" that surround the central spiritual practices of those afflicted by these traits, casting doubts upon them - though many followers do not immediately recognize this, or, are in denial of it.

This unfortunate behavior may also afflict actual practitioners or followers of a particular religion or belief system, causing them to exhibit delusions of greatness, which are undeserved. As such, they are often boastful about their attainments and seek public attention. Again, one should avoid these individuals so as not to pamper to their egos, or be misled by their ranting or ravings.

I have only included these topics on non-spiritual practices/concepts to inform the enquirer of the true scope of life in Creation - within our own planet even - beyond what science currently knows, and to reveal how unholy we truly are when compared to other more advanced human-like communities, who secretly share our world. Indeed, we can learn a great deal from them, apart from their mere technology. I have also hopefully clarified about the existence of alien beings, among others, who visit our Earth from time to time - and who, incidentally, were very active during our early human history, that very few people know about - and their honorable or dishonorable intentions towards us, as well as to correct the many conspiracies that flourish today. I have also tried to offer some help to those who wish to make the most appropriate choice about whom they should follow, regarding their spiritual development. Now these may be unpleasant subjects to consider for many enquirers, but are essential facts to understand for those who are truly serious about attaining the very highest and noblest truth of God, or Pari-nirvana.


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