Finding The Absolute Truth - For Ourselves

The problem is, that our time here on Earth is very short, and so we should, ideally, make the best use of it, if we want true/lasting happiness & wisdom. To this Holy Masters all say, that leading a balanced life, of true spiritual practice, together with a pious/moral physical existence, termed 'dharma', is actually the best way for most individuals to become liberated from the endless cycle of karmas, births and deaths, rather than selfishly running away from their duties & responsibilities to live in temples, caves or mountains, etc. Indeed, the middle path is safest and best for the modern Age, according to the Holy Masters. So, there is no need to be miserable or too austere in one's life in order to attain salvation. One can both morally enjoy the world, and seek spiritual enlightenment, at the same time. For some, segregating themselves from mainstream society works best for them, as they have already or naturally become detached from the world, and have few desires or connections here. Thus, it is easy for them to renounce the world and to focus only on spiritual practice. For others, not so, as they may have karmic duties to perform, such as raising a family, serving the community, working in a specific field, or involving themselves in some beneficial projects or another. So... for many 'seeking' individuals, all that is needed is time - once the seed of truth-seeking has been planted. And even if they should completely forget about the Holy Truth, after they have been introduced to It, they will be reminded, here and there, throughout their life, till they respond appropriately - for it is Divinely inspired, and not of "man's" design. Indeed, the whole process of Divine rescue, or Holy Salvation, is not in the hands of any mortal man/woman.

Thus, many may ignore it, for now - Indeed, although they might initially listen to all this, with curiosity, they will still act as they have always acted, and so will attain what they have always attained, whether good or bad - for the time being. As said earlier, they just need a little more suffering, more dissatisfaction, as well as more knowledge, to convince them of the Holy Truth of human existence.

Now, for the fortunate few in the, 'yes, right now', category, who have the capacity to understand spiritual Truth, and to truly want it, while possessing the will to act for their own betterment, right now, will benefit immediately from this Divine knowledge, even without realizing it. For this reason they are truly blessed, and they constitute just 3% of spiritual enquirers at any one time.

To elaborate further, Holy Masters all say this, (in one way or another): "what use is there in being human if we don’t use our powers of reasoning and seeking to attain our lofty purpose." If we simply live to eat, to produce offspring, to labour day & night for material comfort alone, and to idle away our free time in trivial or harmful pursuits; and then, anger quickly, make war with each other, take more than we need by depriving others, and lust after every man or woman, then how are we different from other animals? Do you not question why human beings were given their noble abilities, beyond the capacity of all other animals, and were also given this precious Earthly world to dwell upon, rather than a desolate or unwelcoming planet? Is it for self-destruction, thru greed, hatred or pride, or are we here to enjoy and maintain a physical paradise - whilst seeking to attain higher knowledge?

Indeed, we can make this world a pleasure for all, or a living hell. The choice is ours. To help... we can first stop our part in the cruelty of this world, by not seeking harm upon each other, and not eating animals or dairy products, who have to be killed or abused just to satisfy our selfish appetites; and to also stop taking intoxicants, such as smoking, alcohol and other drugs, which only harm our community, and ourselves. Astonishingly though, while indulging ourselves in all these vices we dare to call ourselves, civilised? These base desires are not the reason why we were given this precious life, nor planet Earth to dwell upon. Indeed, the Holy Masters are very clear about the nobility of human beings and their sacred role on Earth. To this the Holy Bible says, "…(we) are created in the image of God". Similarly, in the Holy Quran, it says, "As for those who believe and do good works, they are the best of Creation". While the Buddha said, "Man is the highest fruit on the tree of evolution. It is for man to realize his position in nature and to understand the true meaning and responsibility of his life". A current Holy Master reveals even more - saying, "We are all of the essence of God, the children of God, and are the creation of God, as are our animal companions. So God worships Himself thru us, His creation, Thus, by the grace of God, He marks souls for salvation at the appointed time, and then, sends His beloved servants, we call Masters, Saints or Prophets, to collect them and bring them back to His home. Without the Lord's grace, salvation is not possible". So the Lord has given us various blessings, such as reasoning, intellect, seeking ability, etc., that we can use for our own betterment, both physically and spiritually, but if we decide not to make the best use of these blessings - and of our life - then, it is just our fate! The truth is that we are all Divine souls, undergoing our own journey in Creation.

While it's true that people, today, due to their relative comfort, or material brainwashing, dislike facing the true facts of life, and prefer instead, to lull themselves into a false sense of security, by ignoring the truth and following the crowd - they mistake the shadow for the substance, and thus fail to realize the true purpose of life; and, that only death is certain. One way of understanding life is to face, and recognize, the suffering that we see all around us - perhaps even in our own lives - and that death is nothing more than a temporary end to a temporary existence. But many people do not like to even hear of the word 'death'. They prefer to forget that death will come, as will suffering, whether they like it or not, and so fail to consider the natural question in their minds about the true meaning of life.

Now for those unfortunate ones who fall into the, 'not in this lifetime', category, they will simply follow their destiny, blindly, without even giving it much thought. Therefore, we cannot help them at this time. But these individuals are not to be condemned, forever, they are simply not yet ready to leave the imperfect Lower Creation and return to their perfect true home or Heaven - where neither pain nor suffering exists in any form. And this does not mean that they are all bad, either, but simply that they're not yet ready to know the Truth and thus be saved from personal suffering, or from the illusory pleasures that give relief for a short time, till fate strikes its blow, through karmic retribution. Such individuals may not even realise about the fact of old age, disease or death, which is inevitable for all, whether rich or poor, king or peasant - for none can escape this end! Thus, our revelation of the Holy Truth is not meant for them. They must follow their own course till they change within, however long that may take, and however much more they may have to endure before being convinced. I wish them well...

But for those who are ready right now, and who sincerely wish to discover the Holy Truth for themselves, and who also have the capacity to understand spiritual matters, and to act for their own betterment, i will tell them the sacred truth of how they can escape the endless cycle of karmas, births & deaths - despite the 'free will' dilemma.

In simple terms, it is known as 'Divine Grace', and is the magic spark that is awakened within certain individuals who are ready to go back to the ultimate Truth -the Kingdom of God. About this the Holy Masters all say, "this is the greatest gift that anyone can receive, whilst in human form, and is worth far more than all the wealth in the world, and all the pleasures of the world, or even a grand long life". However, unless experienced directly, this Holy Grace cannot be understood or even appreciated by an ordinary worldly-minded individual -who may simply mock at the mere thought of it.

Thus, for the sincere seekers of Truth & wisdom, there is a way out of the karmic trap - through Holy Grace. Indeed, it is said, in various ways in the holy books, that, "all knowledge of God is by the Grace of God, bestowed upon those who sincerely cry for help". This is great news, because it means that despite what has just been said about 'free will' and karma - there is a way out for those who truly seek it; but not for everyone else, of course, as they're not yet ready or evolved enough to know. This is why, historically, only a few ever step forward to learn of the Holy Truth. Indeed, many Holy Masters have variously specified that only around 10% of people on Earth, at any given time, are willing to seek higher Truth, by the Grace of God. So, for those who do receive this special Grace, they are truly fortunate - more than they can possibly imagine. They are the ones who will recognize the wisdom of the Holy Masters, and will want Holy Salvation at some point in their lifetime - a feeling they cannot help but respond to, for it resides deep within their heart, and is certainly not a mere intellectual or emotional curiosity, nor just a passing phase. It subconsciously pulls them towards the Holy Truth, no matter what their current belief or background.

But then, the Holy Masters go on to say, that for Grace to flourish within the hearts of true seekers, their best effort of spiritual practice is needed, in order to develop it further. Such practice also shows appreciation of this Grace. This in turn merits further Grace, and so on. Indeed, it is this combination of Grace and effort that leads to ultimate enlightenment, and final liberation from the endless cycle of 'births & deaths'(samsara). So, regarding this important point, of Grace and effort bringing about salvation, true Holy Masters, past & present, say this, there is absolutely no other way for human beings to reach the true Kingdom of God!

Therefore, if one relies only upon the Grace of the Lord, and doesn’t put in an effort, to amend their ways, or to do spiritual practice, etc. - when prompted to do so by one's newly-awakened higher thoughts, or through direct instruction from a living Holy Master or one of Their high disciples, or even through having the right spiritual atmosphere, etc. - all of which are provided by the Lord's Grace -then, one lets oneself and the Lord, down, and misses out on a valuable opportunity that may not arise again, for a very long time indeed. Meanwhile, one will continue to accumulate further karmic debt, that must be paid back -instead of clearing it. Now this 'effort'- of spiritual practice, or sincere seeking - on our part - is what we mean by using our limited free will, or choice, to our best advantage, rather than for mere trivial pursuits, or for just being lazy/apathetic with our life.

So, this special Grace, bestowed by God, is our only way out of this never-ending karmic trap. Indeed, it is a rare and precious gift that should not to be ignored by those who receive it; else, they will have lived their life in vain. In a powerful statement made in the Holy Bible, the Lord says this: "How shall it profit a man, if he should gain the whole world, but lose his soul?" Now this bears thinking about when we select our priorities in life. And for those who need further reassurance of the absolute power of the Grace of God, they can seek comfort in another great verse, written in the holy books, in one form or another, in which the Lord declares, "Seek ye first the Kingdom of God, and all things else shall be given unto thee". I particularly love these verses because they have such powerful and direct meaning, and also provide confidence in their message to help us make the right choices in everyday life.


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