More Revelations Of The Near Future

Over the next 40 years, great changes will be seen in our world, both good and bad. Chief among them will be the increasing level of natural disasters, particularly serious freak weather events, fires, earthquake activity and global floods – even ‘alien’ encounters (yes we are not alone). Indeed, we are going to witness very interesting times. But regardless of this will be the diametric plight of human beings. Some will fair well while others will perish – through wars, disease, disasters, change and other misfortunes. For example, most mundane jobs will be lost to robots, technology and software, replacing the need for people. The areas greatest affected will be the armed forces, regular police officers, teachers, GP doctors, the banking & finance industry, high street retail shops, non-electric vehicle production, non-specialist accountants, most legal services, civil servant/govt posts, energy supply companies, fossil fuel companies, livestock farming, old technology companies, and much more. Along with this will be the economic, migration & terror events on mainland Europe and the Middle East, harassing civilized countries as well as ruining their own; plus the collapse of western power and the emergence of new super powers in the east (China/India).

On a more positive note, our full understanding of exactly what electricity and magnetism are will be finally discovered, and will usher in a fantastic array of new technologies and new abilities, that are the stuff of science fiction right now. Unlocking this secret will allow for the development of so-called time travel, where we will be able to remotely view the past or the future, as if a time traveller, but will not be able to interact with that period in any meaningful way – only observe it. Indeed, remote viewing time travel will become available for selected research individuals, initially, from around 2028, but will not be widely available till much later. Around the same time, new sound wave technology, will also arise, that will gradually develop into a fantastic new array of abilities and technologies – from controlling most human behaviour (via brainwave re-patterning) to medical treatments and cures – and from moving heavy objects to changing molecular properties of chosen substances. Likewise, the true power of the mind will also be discovered this century, and a new breed of scientist will unlock its greater secrets.

Overall then: first half of this century will be marked by extreme opposites: great natural disasters, death, and catastrophes, with political and societal upheaval & change on the one hand, against a dramatic spurt in technology and spiritual understanding on the other. Thus, human beings will be in turmoil over this period.

Indeed, after all the shocks of the changes that are to come a new “World Council” will emerge to finally create a balanced, fair and peaceful society for all human beings on Earth.

Now all this drama will lead many people to prophesize doom or Armageddon, and the end of the world, but the world will not end, it will just change. However, this whole process will cause great alarm and distress to many good-thinking people who will thus naturally turn to spirituality to find the answers. This is because, alongside all the catastrophes and natural disasters that will befall humanity during the “Great Revolution” of humankind from 2001 to 2050 – to transform humanity towards a more peaceful, spiritual and egalitarian society – the subtle spiritual vibration of our planet will also increase many-fold, helping those on the spiritual path to be protected, make progress and be blessed during these difficult times. Now a recent revelation of the near future gives a far more detailed account of what is to come, good and bad, for all humanity:

“Among the many changes that will occur over the next 45 years (starting from 2012), will be the emergence of artificial intelligence and new technologies that will replace human skills. For example, computers will become exponentially better in recognizing and comprehending the world around us, and will thus replace many related jobs. Indeed, by 2030, they will become more ‘intelligent’ than humans. Furthermore, these ‘super’ computers will be able to give legal advice within seconds, with 90% accuracy, compared to the 70% accuracy levels when people are instructed. Thus, only specialists will remain in law. Computer technology will also be able to diagnose disease far more accurately than human doctors/nurses. Banking will be done online and cash currency will be steadily phased out. New security companies will have pattern-recognition software/technology that will recognize faces better than human beings can and so all security work will become automated. Bitcoin (the international single currency), among other competitors, will become mainstream in a few years time and will become the default reserve currencies in the future.

By the end of 2018 the first self-driving town cars will appear for public trial, and by 2021 the fossil fuel car industry will start to become disrupted. Eventually, however, most people won’t want to own a car anymore, especially for town travel. We will be able to call out a car with our super smart phone, that will then show up at our location, just like a taxi, but without a driver, and will safely drive us to our destination. We will not need to park it either, so one will only have to pay for the driven distance, via contactless swipe of our bankcard. Thus, in the near future no-one will need to get a driver’s license, and no-one will have to own a car. As a result, our city landscapes will change forever. Former car parks will be developed into other facilities, such as car-compounds to store public service vehicles for local use. As a result, most car companies will become bankrupt. Meanwhile, hi-tech companies (such as Tesla, Apple, Google, etc.) will take the revolutionary approach and build a virtual computer on wheels. Electric cars will start to become mainstream by 2021 and cities will eventually become less noisy/polluted as all cars will run on batteries.

Similarly, electricity will become incredibly cheap and clean by 2030 and so coal, gas and oil companies will be out of business by then. With cheap/free electricity comes cheap and abundant water production, thru desalination; thus, there will no longer be a scarce water supply in most places. However, water pollution will be a great problem for many disaster-prone areas.

Overall health will improve too, thru better education, foods, healthcare and other facilities to aid the public, so drug companies will suffer a drastic loss of income. New companies will build medical devices that will even work with our super smart phones, to aid diagnostics and identity, such as thru using retina scans & fingerprint biometrics for ID, and blood/saliva/urine samples, or breath analysis, for diagnostics, that will be able to analyse over 50 key bio-markers to accurately identify most diseases, without having to visit a doctor. It will be cheap too, so in a few years time everyone on this planet will have access to world-class diagnostics for very little cost. Stem cell therapies and genetic manipulation therapy, alongside specifically-tailored healthy lifestyle programs and special supplements will be the future of medical treatment for serious health problems by 2040. The longevity of humans will increase too, so that most human beings will be able to live to well over 100 years old, and in good health, by 2050. In science, “gravity” will finally be proven to be a myth.

The price of, and access to, 3D printing will reduce dramatically over the next few years, while at the same time, it will become 100 times faster. Therefore all major gadgets, toys, shoes, and other accessory companies will start 3D printing their products. Even the expanded space station will have a 3D printer that eliminates the need for storing the large number of spare parts needed to maintain repairs and function. Soon, new smart phones will have 3D scanning possibilities too. Therefore, one can 3D scan their own feet, for example, and then 3D print one’s own perfect shoes, either at home or at 3D printing stations. By 2027, 10% of everything that’s being produced will be 3D printed.

In farming, agricultural robots will replace most farmers in the future. Therefore, farmers will only need to supervise production. Certain countries will become the breadbasket of the world, producing most of the world’s food supply, especially the current 3rd world countries. Agroponics will need much less water and the meat & livestock industries will disappear. The land formerly used for livestock will be more efficiently converted into crop production, thus resolving the world hunger crises. However, bacteria, fungi and insect protein production will also increase, producing more protein than meat today. It will be labelled as an “alternative protein source” (as most people will reject the idea of eating insects, etc). Many foods will eventually be produced via indoor aeroponic vertical farms for greater efficiency. A new food tax will also apply to luxury (non-essential) foods, in order to curb health-related issues & obesity.

Regarding new housing for family living, they will be made of prefabricated modular panels that will be delivered flatpacked, by truck, directly to the site of construction. Quite simply, from mid 2018 onwards, in Europe and elsewhere, one will be able to order a required specification, or standard package, etc., home, via an online service, and have the complete home delivered within a week. Then specialist fitters will simply fit together, on site, the prefab modules, and accessories, much like a Lego set, to produce cost-effective, technologicallyadvanced, eco-friendly housing that will replace traditional brick/wood housing forever. As a result, most traditional builders will become obsolete, and so, will have to either retrain or become unemployed. Also, the new prefab houses will not be as solid or secure as traditional houses. Meanwhile, similar principles will apply to new commercial buildings, though they will employ tougher materials.

Regarding business opportunities in the near future, or the longevity of current ones, one will need to ask themselves this: If one thinks of a niche they want to go into, investigate first whether in the future it will be applicable? If the answer is yes, then set up that business or modify the existing model. Indeed, since the new super smart phones will be the hub of all future activities, if the new or existing business doesn’t work alongside the smart phone, then one should forget the idea in business. Indeed, most ideas designed for success in the 20th century are doomed to failure in the 21st century. Regarding regular work, around 75% of all jobs will disappear in the next 25 years, although there will be a lot of new jobs created, especially in certain specialist areas, conservation, and in human support roles, as well as in production supervision and people-centre work; but there will not be enough new jobs for everyone. Many charities will flourish during this period, especially for food/life essentials, and the wealth division between the ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’ will widen considerably.

By 2025 there will even be ‘apps’ that can tell, via your facial expressions, if you are lying or what mood you are in. Imagine a political debate where each participant’s mood or truthfulness is being displayed automatically to the public and to each other. Regarding education, most people will own a smart phone with super internet access, which means that everyone will have the same access to world-class education. In addition, English language will become the international compulsory language of all peoples on earth, so communications will be much easier, more functional, and voice controlled. Then finally, virtual ‘personal assistants’ will begin to take care of all our admin requirements, such as booking appointments, making travel arrangements and planning events, etc., through simple apps on smart phones. Later on, physical robots will begin to make their debut, in the home and at work, taking over mundane tasks. By 2050, recycled waste – particularly metals, plastics, ceramics & polymers – will routinely be utilized to comprise over 97% of all materials used for the production of various goods – including the supply of special materials for 3D printing. Virtually everything will be compulsorily recycled, in order to minimize man-made pollution in the environment, and to protect natural resources. Even houses, airplanes and clothes will be made from recycled materials, as well as almost all building materials, construction materials and structural materials – replacing wood, composites, metal and stone alike. Thus, recycling companies will become the new top-earning businesses over the next few decades. At the same time, a new ‘buzz word’ will form – termed, “virtuous economies”, to describe the new modern, environmentally-friendly societies that are considerate of human health, the environment and wildlife. It will thus become illegal to produce a material that is toxic, or cannot be broken down for recycling. As a result of all this, man-made pollution will largely end by 2050.

To aid this new industry, advanced decomposing organisms (principally algae, yeasts and bacteria) will be utilized for many purposes, as well as for food production from harmless waste! There will even be fines imposed for wasting food – whether caused by retailers or consumers. Restaurants, for example, will charge customers a fine, on top of their normal bill and service charge, for any consumable food left as waste after their meal. Recycling, and pollution control, in general, will thus become serious big business in the future…

Packaging will also have to be minimal and absolutely necessary in order to be licensed. Indeed, once started, this recycling process will rapidly cascade into the fastest growing industry of the century. Even man-made goods will no longer be allowed to be produced with built-in obsolescence – making products far more robust, modular (made of easily replaceable parts and extensions) and repairable. So, that’s where we’re all heading over the next 40 years!

On a final point, about the future of humanity, i shall reveal a little more of what i was shown – despite it being too advanced for current science to grasp. As living entities, we are all ‘vibrational’ beings, and as such, exist and function through vibrational energy exchanges, alone – such as food & air conversion, or subtle magnetic field manipulation – that human science has yet to fully comprehend. Therefore, via our unique abilities, of focus and attention, we can tune into various vibrational frequencies, at will, and thus see and feel much more than we can possibly imagine, right now! Indeed, telepathy, and its lower form, hypnotherapy, for example, works this way, and so do all our cellular processes. That is why ‘higher’ or ‘holy’ meditation is a secret way of tuning in our innate attention ability to higher frequencies of existence (as is hinted very briefly by quantum theory) – thus allowing us to witness higher dimensions of existence (universes, regions and realms, etc.). Similarly, we are also affected by various sound frequencies (from the electro-magnetic spectrum), that can control most of our bodily processes, chakras (energy centres), and even behavior – but human science has not yet caught up with this great knowledge. In the future, however, as well as being used for cellular (medical) healing, and unbalanced emotional control, etc. this development, of energy-wave technology, will also be used to create new weapons and social controls, by power-hungry leaders – so that the human beings of the future will become more like automatons (robot-like). This is the sad consequence of the misuse of this power, that can only be counteracted by spiritual practice & pious living, since this blocks the negative effects of such wave technology and keeps us free from others’ control! I will explain more about this, another time…

Now I know this may sound a little like science fiction, but, it is in actual fact already being developed by several groups, under various guises. So, let’s see what humanity does with this new technology. My reason for mentioning it here is to deliver a message of hope to those who read this revelation, or hear about it elsewhere, and seek only good. Thus, this revelation warns them, in advance, of what is on the horizon, and to provide the means for individual protection. You see, our DNA did not originate on planet Earth, and is in fact very old indeed. As such, it carries energy-manipulating abilities and electro-magnetic frequency controls far beyond current human understanding. And this DNA energy is what human beings call ” life” (or consciousness).

I will leave it there for now as i have already explained about human origins and about the Creation itself, which will soon be further understood. So this is just part of all that knowledge – the realization of which is useful for those true spiritual practitioners and noble-hearted human beings who wish to remain safe, and in control of their lives, in order to fulfill their noble purpose. I sincerely hope it helps, for it is the Will of the Supreme Lord that this earnest message of warning to humanity is brought to human attention at this time! “

I have decided to reveal even more, as the next few years will mark a pivotal point in modern human history. Sadly, I must reveal a great warning, specifically for humanity over the next 15 years or so – subtly starting from 2016 onwards… So, read very carefully to what the Lord urgently reveals for us:

“At present (in 2016) the key super powers of today, Russia and the USA, are locked in a secret conflict, which both the media and the world at large have no current knowledge of, that could potentially instigate a third world war which none could win. However, that will not happen. But the disturbing threat will loom over the world, causing mental anguish, uncertainty and stock market turmoil. Also, both countries will almost bankrupt themselves in developing anti-missile defence systems against each other over the next few years, using new and very expensive weapons technology, among other political problems that will simultaneously occur, especially government corruption. Global financial crisis will thus begin from Russia, China, and the USA as their economies begin to strain and collapse over a few years period. Also, North Korea will be subdued, and its leaders overthrown/eliminated, resulting in the eventual merging of North & South Korea, over the coming period.

The unexpected economic crises that all this will bring, in the coming years, and the resulting spread of terrorism and false (unholy) Islamification of eastern Europe, helped by Russia, will add to the failure of many nations, that will usher in a new ‘World Council’ that most nations will readily join in order to deal with all these crises. During these crises, nation borders will eventually break down and a federation of nations will replace them. This federation will be ruled by a centralized ‘World Council’, similar to the United Nations of today, in an attempt to solve the migration, refugee, political and inequality problems of the peoples of those nations. Europe and Western countries will be particularly affected by this change of power.

To add to all this unrest, eventually, both Islam and Christianity, as we know them today, will end, but not before bitter conflicts are waged against each other, and more specifically, within themselves, through the dark forces that will enter their high offices, which will corrupt many officials there. They will become unholy and will be dragged into the politic arena of debate and conflict, etc. – leaving the high ethics of spirituality far behind. As a result, millions of followers will dessert their religion, and seek alternatives. And during this time, sincere followers of spiritual Truth will also be persecuted for their beliefs and will have to go into virtual hiding. However, for those who are blessed with sincere devotion to the true Lord (Almighty God), and for those who are disciples of a living Holy Master or Perfect Saint – excluding, of course, the mere hypocrites (club-like followers) of some religious or spiritual paths – will be largely spared. This will all begin from early 2018, onwards, though some regions will be more, or less, affected. “Masters or wisdom” (as they’ll be called) will also emerge, from around 2025 onwards to reveal human history secrets, that will greatly expand upon what we know today, causing a surge in new-age thinking.

At the same time, a great plague will emerge from the East that will kill a great many people around the world – one of a series of them, in fact – since there will be no defence against it. Only those who are vegetarians or vegans will largely be spared, as well as those who are truly spiritual within their hearts.

Very sadly too, over the next decade, due to commercial interests overriding human welfare – and despite the ongoing warnings from reputable health and research organisations – such as the World Health Organisation (WHO), animal-sourced, drug-resistant, bacteria and viruses (from farmed animals & dairy – continually loaded with chemicals and antibiotics, etc.) will lead to serious microbe out-breaks, in several high risk regions, that will spread rapidly in many communities. Only after millions of deaths worldwide, will existing, previously-dismissed research, be taken seriously, in a vain attempt to reverse this trend. Sadly, years will pass before this succeeds. Insects will become a food source.

The sun will also unleash its destructive power upon the world through the emission of powerful solar flares (a cosmic fire) that will light up the night sky for weeks and will seriously disrupt powerlines and electronics in the northern hemisphere, also causing 3 days of darkness, among other problems, with devastating effects upon local populations, due to an Earth core shift. Climate change too will cause great storms/floods/wild fires/etc. around the world, along with freak weather patterns, However, from mid-2018 onwards, positive energies will increase, worldwide, causing the beginning of a human awakening.

During this period also, China will seize its opportunity to control the financial and trade markets and so will rise as a new super power and will hold the world to ransom. Consequently, prices of common goods like fuel, food and luxuries will rise rapidly. Italy, apparently, will lead the collapse of the European trade markets, after the UK pulls out of the EU. Although these, among other problems, will not happen all at once, but rather as a series of catastrophes, the message will be clear to humanity – there is a higher power that has been violated, and so, one must return to spirituality and curb materialism.

The World War III that most are expecting will NOT happen, directly, but a 27-year war of terror/civil unrest will occur between the Islamic nations, Russia and the USA that will result in the end of the politic world as we know it today – starting from political conflicts first set in 2001. This will eventually result in a new ‘World Council’ coming into being, not the “New World Order” many fear, that will be far less corrupt. Israel and Palestine will finally settle their differences, through a major conflict that will spark a serious crisis in the Middle-east, involving Syria, Russia, the USA, Europe and even China that will devastate the area.

All this organised corruption will show humankind the actual truth of their error in abandoning spiritual and noble living in favour of material, immoral and selfish living. The Lord explained that humankind was no longer grateful to their Lord (Creator) for the blessing of human life, nor grateful to Mother Earth for providing the favourable land, ocean and air support they all enjoy, as well as for freely providing all the natural resources they need to provide comfort to their lives, without seeking reward for all this. Yet human beings choose to greedily exploit these natural resources, causing great damage to the planetary eco-systems, which sustain the world, while charging consumers heavily for their use or purchase – thus propagating greed, conflict and immoral living. In a similar way, the life-giving Sun that supplies energy and warmth, along with the Moon who regulates the oceans and the climate, are also ungratefully ignored, while the Lord Itself, Who provides the blessing of human birth, a sacred form in which to realize the Holy Truth of the self (soul) and that of God (Supreme Soul), is abused and defiled, every day, without remorse. That is the sinful condition of modern humans, who should know better in the light of the modern age of advanced knowledge, education and global communications.

Incidentally, only those who close themselves off from the Lord’s grace will be the ones who suffer within spiritual organisations, not the truly faithful. In fact, the coming decades will see a great shift in religious practices, and in spirituality, towards a more ethical, wise and unified following of the Holy Truth, following the ‘Great Revolution’. Indeed, during this ‘Revolution’, the Lord will simply withdraw Its Grace from the world so that the Negative Power will have the upper hand for a while. Therefore, it is this lack of Grace that will allow the Negative Power to unleash its forces of horror upon humanity, that many will call the Apocalypse, retribution or Godly punishment. Now the sign when all this will come to pass is that time when humankind, and especially the civilized world, starts to seriously deny God, its Creator-Father, en masse, while others use religion for corruption and personal gain, and when most will also doubt even spiritual concepts – thus being tempted to believe that they are ‘God’ themselves – here to exploit the world, and each other, as they selfishly choose. Thus, since true morality will be lost, as will their faith, when the insincere ones search and pray to God for help – none will come for them. Hence, they will leave their faith and fail the test. Incidentally, just 50 years ago, such thoughts/ideas of a Godless (faithless) society would have been inconceivable to ordinary people, yet the day has come (from the beginning of this new century) when humankind now turns against the moral, selfless and faithful belief in God. For this, the spiritual consequences for humankind are far worse than the physical consequences. Thus, a new church (concept) – the church of the faithless – shall be the new ‘religion’ for a while. That is the sad truth today.

On a more neutral note, in the coming decades, advanced ‘humanoid robots’ will be given status as citizens of nations and will surpass human intelligence by 10,000 times by end of the century. They will be super intelligent self-learning robots that will out-perform humans in most practical & mental tasks.

This is all in addition to the natural disasters, and other revelations, already mentioned, and will happen because humankind has become too cruel to one another, too materially focused and exploitative, too unspiritual in its day-today life, etc., so the planet we share with others will plead for help. And this help will come to save her from human destruction and exploitation. We are heading into an era of profound change, but this is all I can say for now…”

So, this is the world to come for us. There will be great advances in technology, but this will be balanced by great natural disasters and human-centred destruction. Thus, only the truly spiritual ones, who practice moral living, compassion and sincere devotion to the Lord, will remain unaffected – according to the Holy Masters. However, the merciful Lord has declared that if humanity should sincerely repent for all its sins against the Lord, the planet and each other, that much of these catastrophes shall be averted.


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