Spirituality & The Current State
Of The World Religions

For clarity, i will have to start with an unbiased reflection of the current state of the world religions, their apparent differences, and how they were formed, originally. I will do all this, fairly briefly, by using only known and accepted facts.

But before i begin, i want to say, personally, that i deeply respect all the great spiritual teachers of the past, who inspired humanity with Their wisdom, nobility and compassion, upon which the great religions of today, are based. They were the great spiritual leaders of Their time, who touched the hearts of so many followers that were fortunate enough to have met Them, during Their mission. I thus respect Them all, so let us now begin…

Throughout history, humankind has been visited by unique individuals whose sole purpose is the spiritual rescue of genuine seekers of the Holy Truth, of that time. These rare individuals include Jesus Christ, The Buddha, Krishna, the Sikh Gurus, the Great Masters of Sant Mat, and Prophet Mohammed. Apart from These there were many Others, that were known only locally to the peoples They served, as They did not travel widely. However, They all taught the same basic message to humanity – such as the existence of a God power, or Creator, who created us, and so, loves us; that we should love & help one another too, since we are all children of the same God, and that we should seek to know of our Divine Reality – who we call God, while we are here on Earth; indeed, to discover for ourselves that we’re actually a part of God, and that our true home or origin resides with God, in the Kingdom of Heaven. All Holy Masters universally say this!

This means that God is our Heavenly Creator-Father, who loves us, unconditionally, but has separated us from Himself, temporarily, in order to experience that love more deeply, thru a process we term devotion or worship, which can only really happen if we are separated from our Beloved Father. Indeed, that is why this whole Creation came into being, with all its levels of experience, both good & bad; and with all its life forms, both high & low – without which we could not truly appreciate the real wonder, love & bliss of the Kingdom of Heaven. Without the negative experiences, that we encounter, we could not look forward to, and enjoy, the positive counter-experiences. In other words, without ugliness, for example, beauty would not shine forth; without suffering, pleasure would not be appreciated; without hate or anger, love & peace would not be admired; and without death, life itself would not be valued. Only by being separated from the Holy Truth do we truly appreciate that Truth, and its bliss, when we rediscover it again. Even on Earth there is a well-known saying that says, “separation makes the heart grow fonder”, and this is true for God too, but of course, in a much more profound way. What’s also remarkable is, that in addition to all this, the Holy Masters say, that only human beings have the ability to attain salvation, in the entire Lower Creation (i.e. from 4th realm down to Our realm) – which means to reunite with the Holy Truth, and thus attain eternal bliss in the Kingdom of God – our true home!

It may surprise you to know that even the great Lords, Demigods and Angels, of the Lower Creation, do not have access to this privilege. They would first have to give up Their divine powers, and Their status, and then descend into human form, with all its problems & limitations, in order to earn the right to access the highest Spiritual Truth. Now that bears thinking about, as well as being immensely grateful for, since true salvation can only be achieved thru spiritual practice whilst in human form – that is the Divine Law. In summary then, these facts are the key features of any true spiritual philosophy or religion, despite the way that some of the teachings may be presented today.

Unfortunately, although universal, the past teachings that were recorded in the Holy Books, also reflected the times & the cultures of the peoples visited, and so, were often elaborated upon through stories, parables & metaphors, as examples, just to help further explain the Holy Teachings, in a way that the local people could relate to. They were not given for literal interpretation: Just as if i said to you now, that this morning it was raining ‘cats & dogs’ – i don’t mean it, literally, its only an expression – or if i call myself a messenger of God, a servant of God, a son of God, or a Prophet, etc. – this is only to convey the level of connection i have with God, and so, is just an expression too, for we are all sons & daughters of God, who is our ultimate Creator-Father, but we are simply unenlightened sons & daughters, meaning, we don’t know who we really are, so we play in ignorance here; like actors playing our part in the greatest show on Earth – which is in fact, Gods own show – while Holy Masters and enlightened disciples/practitioners know the truth, of course!

You see, human beings base their understanding on ordinary human interactions & experiences, which are mostly limited to the material plane. So, God’s Holy Representatives have to try to explain high spiritual teaching, that is actually beyond our mind’s comprehension, to our level of base understanding, and so They always use the language & examples known to the people at the time. So, this is where the differences lay, among religious texts; not in the fundamentals, mentioned earlier.

Furthermore, contrary to popular belief, there was no formal teaching given, in a prescribed manner, by most Holy Masters of the past – such as having a scribe ready with his pen, to record every detail. It wasn’t like that at all. The main teachings that many rely upon today, as written in the Holy Books, are in truth, mere human records of conversations & talks given between Masters and Their disciples, or to those listening at the time, that was then simply entrusted to memory for up to a whole generation. What’s more, none of the past great Masters founded any religion during their lifetime, nor did they create any rituals or ceremonies to follow; they only gave spiritual teaching, most of which, as just explained, was not written down at the time, but was committed to memory, often as a secret, and then finally recorded, a generation or so later, in the writings we call, the ‘Holy’ Books, when the threats of severe reprisals no longer existed, and when there was someone around who could actually read and write.

Now as you can imagine, although Divinely inspired when originally spoken, the level of accuracy of the later recordings, which were taken primarily from word of mouth recollection, a whole generation or more later, through which many were lost, coupled with successive interpretations and translations, have resulted in the contents of the Holy Books we know today, despite the myths claiming otherwise. This is historic fact. Therefore, it is extremely difficult to know, what was actually spoken at the time, and in what manner it was said, as opposed to what was perceived by the eventual recorder, much later on, and then further lost, in many cases, through successive translations & interpretations.

Sadly, apart from Sikhism, Quan Yin & Sant Mat, all the great religions of today are affected by this, in one form or another, despite the protests by some followers, otherwise, who believe every word of a particular holy book as if it were spoken and then recorded immediately and accurately. What they may not realize is that even their own historians & scholars, backed by archaeological evidence, admit that these recollections of the original spiritual messages, imparted to the local people at the time, often using stories and metaphors, were not immediately recorded – not even by the next day or the next week. They were, in actual fact, officially recorded at least a generation or more later (that’s around 70+ years), according to accepted historical evidence. But even then, only manuscripts existed, not actual Holy Books, which were only eventually compiled much later on. What’s more, in most cases the process is still ongoing, with modern interpretations being sought by scholarly individuals, rather than by spiritually-inspired beings. If that wasn’t problem enough, then there is the fact that, in most cases, several versions of their Holy Book exist today. So, which one would you follow and who should you rely upon to interpret the teachings correctly?

It all seems very confusing for a true spiritual aspirant. This is why, in every age, Holy Masters descend to our level, directly from God, to clear up the misunderstandings of each generation, by giving the correct teachings, directly, to sincere spiritual seekers of the time, as well as blessing them with access to the highest heaven. However, and contrary to popular belief, true Holy Masters do not come here to save everyone; that is simply a myth propagated by scholars, not by the Holy Masters themselves, for they only come for those souls whom our heavenly Father, the 5th Supreme Lord, has marked for Their care. What’s more, there may be more than one Holy Master operating at any time, in different parts of the world, for different communities – though only one may come to public attention – as was often the case, historically, due to some political or social circumstances, or even disciple ambitions. And, as is naturally the case, each community who received the Holy Teachings would record, either verbally or in text (mostly later), the messages left by their visiting Holy Master, for the benefit of future generations. Historically, however, very few could read or write, so the spiritual teachings were mainly recorded verbally.

But in recent times, this priceless information, imparted by, for example, the Holy Masters of Sant Mat or of Quan Yin, are mostly recorded accurately, both electronically and in text, and so give a better account of the actual spiritual Truth, etc., than the disciples of many historic religions were able to record. Furthermore, the only reason why some Holy Masters become internationally known, while others remain only locally famed, or even obscure, greatly depends on the nature and ambition of the peoples They visit – it’s certainly not encouraged by the Masters Themselves. What’s more, sometimes, because of political or economic reasons, or the collective karma of the people of that country, this doesn’t allow a Master’s teachings to be continued there. Thus, it has to move on to develop in another place, so a particular line may be broken.


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