The 5 Stages To Re-uniting A Soul With The Holy Truth

Another revelation i have to share with you, comes directly from the realm of the Holy Truth. It concludes with this Divine Message, about the gift of the Holy Masters, to all humanity. The Message says this: “What your eyes cannot see and what your ears cannot hear; along with that which is inconceivable to the human mind – that is what the Holy Masters will give you. Upon ‘Holy Awakening’ (Initiation), you shall enter into heavenly repose (meditation) and shall discover all things for yourself. Through Divine wisdom all worries, fears and agitations shall cease; and the useless wanderings of the Ages shall end. In time, your heart will rejoice upon seeing the radiant (Heavenly) Father, and you will enter the Kingdom of God. You have come from the light, and so, will return to the light. But… to achieve all this, one must first ‘fast’ (withdraw) from the world, and rise above mental impressions (pre-conceptions). One must set aside time for spiritual practice, and withdraw oneself to within the temple of their living body, where all the secrets of the universe reside, therein. Indeed, whoever shall live by the Will of God shall no longer fear death, for they dwell in the Kingdom of Truth, even while living”. Then, the true Lord goes on to say that there are, in fact, 5 stages to spiritual development that one must traverse in order to attain the ultimate realm of the Supreme Lord.

In brief, the 5 stages to re-uniting a soul with the Supreme Lord – that a true enquirer must complete – in order to reach their final destination, are summarised here – in order of progression:

1) THE QUEST – To become a true spiritual seeker. The first stage of seeking the ultimate Truth, that may lead one through many twists and turns, whether via base philosophy/religion or via science/reasoning.
[enquirer stage]

2) THE DISCOVERY – To find the Path of the Holy Truth. To discover a living Holy Master and to become a disciple (Initiate) of the Truth (Lord).
[practitioner stage]

3) THE SURRENDER – To finally recognise what one has discovered. To accept the hurdles to overcome, and the queries to satisfy, in order to find firm/true peace and understanding within one’s heart & mind.
[true devotee stage]

4) THE WONDER – To marvel at the glory of God, Self and Creation. To finally know one’s true identity/self, and thus, to just marvel at it all.
[self-realisation stage]

5) THE UNION – To become one with the Supreme Lord. To finally know & become a living embodiment of the Lord – all-knowing and all-powerful.
[God-realisation stage]

When seeking is based upon pre-conceptions, pre-conditions, and expectations – upon who and what we think we are, and upon what we think reality is – then our seeking takes a wrong turn and instead becomes an obstruction – such as that found among those who follow the mere dogma of religion, philosophy or science. Thus… what is sought, through one’s misconceptions, cannot be discovered, because, it does not exist. For a ‘truth’ seeker or practitioner, at the outset, they must understand that the true nature of God is very different to what one may today conceive – through one’s biased or intellectual mind – and that each one of us, are not, who, or what, we think we are. Should a true seeker, therefore, not abandon their misguided views, nor empty themselves of all pre-conceptions, then, for such a one, God will forever remain a mystery – nameless and unknown.

So, since God, in truth, is completely other, than to what one may think It is; discovering this fact causes trouble for the limited mind; often shaking it to its core. For in order to understand God (and the Holy Masters), one must seek to become ‘no thing’, meaning, empty of oneself, so that the grace of the Lord may fill one with the Holy Truth (Spirit of God). Only then will one truly know God. For God Itself is ‘no thing’, and so, one must become ‘no thing’ in order to enter into union with God (become one with God). If one instead thinks that they are ‘some thing’ – independent, self-existent and substantial, meaning, other than a glorious part (a created soul or viewpoint) of God – then, it becomes extremely troubling for that one to then discover the real Truth.

Now this Truth becomes clearer the nearer one approaches to God – thru successive revelations of this Truth – in stages of ever greater wonder (awareness). Eventually, even the source of the Holy Truth Itself, can be finally revealed – as primordial nothingness, original ‘will’, or perfect stillness; indeed, as just ‘Is-ness’; from which all things, and all possibilities can be manifested – without limitation – thus creating the fullness of Creation from ‘nothingness’ – as there is no framework or pre-conception to limit it.

However… even upon just one glimpse of all this wonder, one’s own imperfections become more pronounced – even troubling and painful – when compared to the perfection of the true self & the Lord. One also discovers how far away one truly is from that perfection, at that time – which the Holy Masters – out of mercy, alone – come to resolve; first, thru holy union with Themselves, and then, with the Divine. Thus, when one comes to know oneself – through the gift of higher awareness, by the grace of God (and the Holy Masters) – one will come to realise that WE truly are the sons & daughters of the living God. Indeed, one will come to know that the Kingdom of God is within ourselves, and also all around us, but can only be seen by first withdrawing oneself, to one’s own high truth (soul) – within the temple of the human body – so as to see all this with the ‘eye’ of the soul, and not thru the limited, impure ‘eyes’ of the mind and body. Thus, what one sees with the pure soul, becomes pure vision and truth; while what one sees with the imperfect mind & body becomes impure and illusory – which is sadly our reality today.

Therefore, upon true enlightenment (self-realisation) one will realise that the inside and the outside are not separate, but are intimately connected and related. Indeed, the magical experience of ‘outside-ness’ – which is one’s reality today – is merely the display of one’s own consciousness – according to the stage/level of one’s own spiritual awareness. Therefore, a change in consciousness brings about a corresponding change in the reality of what one sees and encounters, outside of oneself. Similarly, a noticed change in the reality (understanding) of what one sees, ‘outside’ of oneself, is a reflection too of one’s stage/level of inner consciousness, and hence one’s spiritual progress, or lack thereof.

From knowing all this, a true seeker or practitioner will come to understand that most religious, philosophical or science followers, today, who claim to follow the ‘truth’, via their chosen path, do nothing of the kind, for they are lost in duality – in the play of the senses, and in the whims & passions of their mind. Hence, they do not even seek their true self, above all else. Indeed, these blind followers are asleep (in ignorance), lost in lower consciousness, through which they experience the world. Unless they awaken, by the Grace of God, into higher consciousness, it is of no use explaining all this to them – for they cannot transform themselves while they are still sleeping. Thus, for the awakened ones, it is an awesome sight to behold, and immediately lends their thoughts to immense gratitude towards their saving Lord or Master, Who has so graciously awakened them – from the nightmare sleep of delusion – without which, they would be in the same troublesome state. However, only an awakened one can appreciate all this…

Thus, the enormity of this Grace cannot be fully appreciated, without witnessing those who are still sleeping (in ignorance), and so, are still believing in the illusions they encounter – along with the fears, false joys and suffering that automatically accompany them. In contrast, all suffering & fear diminishes for the one who is fully awakened, and thus, they have the capacity to help others.

Furthermore, all those who genuinely and earnestly seek the Holy Truth will eventually realise that we were never separated from God, but that only our conscious awareness was different from that of Divine perfection, and thus today, is imperfect (or incomplete) – correcting which connects us back to the Holy Truth (of God). Now, this is what all true Holy Masters can offer us – if we are fortunate enough to be ready for it! So, just as fire purifies everything it touches, and turns all into fire itself; so is a sincere seeker transformed into an enlightened being, when immersed in the company of a living Saint or Holy Master. Like fire, the power of the Holy Master burns away their countless sins, and purifies their sinful heart and mind. Thus, they become fit, once again, to re-enter the Kingdom of God. Indeed, all this, and more, does a Holy Master offer us, without seeking any reward or even praise – for Their actions are truly based upon unconditional love for suffering humanity…

Now for our part – to know the ultimate Truth of life, we have been given the gift of two faculties – logic (intellect) and perception (awareness). Briefly, lets look at intellect first: Intellect is like a knife, it can be sharp or it can be blunt, but regardless of this, it seeks to understand the world thru logical dissection, meaning, by systematically chopping up its subjects into pieces, and then examining their constituent parts. This method is popularly known as science. But while this method is great for understanding how things work, materially, and what material components are used to make them work (its composition) – which is great for material survival, as well as to manipulate the environment around us, etc. – it cannot make sense of the ‘whole’. For example, if I want to get to know my friend, would it be informative for me to dissect him or her into pieces and then to use science to understand their composition (how each part works)? The answer, of course, is No! This is not the way to get to know someone – as a whole. Hopefully, we can all relate to that! But then, what else can I do to get to know my friend, as a whole, if pure intellect (science) is not helpful?

Well, let’s now look at ‘awareness’, as a means to understand my friend, naturally. By this i mean, through applying the concept of direct experience – of connecting with him or her, as a whole being – such as spending time with them, listening to their views, and so on. Most will agree that this is the best method i can employ to really know them. In fact, i can find out much more about their nature, through this method, than through using my cold-logic intellect to dissect them. Now this is also the case for knowing one’s higher self – and ultimately – God Itself. Therefore, only by directly connecting with our true self, and then with God Itself, through say, focused meditation, can we know Them. Merely engaging in debates, intellectually analysing data, or learning from texts, is not the same thing as direct experience! And this is what all true Holy Masters teach us, and why material science can never find God…

Furthermore, just as a goldsmith is required to separate gold from other metals, so is a Holy Master (God’s Holy Representative) here on Earth required to separate the mind from the soul to attain Self-realisation, and then, God-realisation. Thru the grace of the Holy Master – Who carries the authority of the Supreme Lord within Them – it is possible to achieve full enlightenment, via Their gift of Bhakti Meditation (Surat Shabd Yoga), a practice that takes one far beyond the realm of Mind and Maya. This method, incidentally, was the same method referred to by Jesus Christ to His closest disciples; by Prophet Mohammad to His close followers; by the Buddha to His close monks; by Krishna to His closest devotees, and by all the Gurus, Saints and Holy Masters of Sikhism, Sant Mat & Quan Yin, throughout the Ages – as an absolute means to connect with one’s own true Self, and then with God, directly. The lower form of this devotion was known as prayer, recitation or chanting, and was given to those who were not yet ready for higher Truth…

The reason why this higher practice (meditation), rather than mere prayer/recitation, is important, is because the mind (ego or ‘I’) and the true self (soul consciousness) are not at the same level – rather, the mind is a product/tool of soul consciousness that is used to function in the lower realms – though it is divided into several parts. The key parts are: buddhi (intellect), and ahankar (identity).

It must also be explained, at this point, that today, Holy Masters are far more gracious than They were in the past, mainly due to the fact that we have so many more distractions and demanding lifestyles now, that no-one would be eligible for enlightenment if the past high standards were upheld today. Let me explain further: In the past, a true Holy Master taught Their disciples the method of Bhakti Meditation, only once they had overcome scores of testing difficulties. These days, however, anyone who sincerely seeks the true Dharma (Path of the Holy Truth) and who believes in the concept of a living Holy Master, sent from God to save humanity – and also recognizes the need to follow a moral way of life – can have such an opportunity. No severe testing is needed today. This is a very great favour (grace) that the Lord has presented to modern humankind. Therefore, once one is accepted – as a disciple of the Holy Truth – by a gracious living Master, one will have their life and their soul taken care of, by that Holy Master, from then on, until they reach the Kingdom of God (Sat Lok). Thus, they will become virtuous and beautiful, even in this world; like a lotus flower retaining its beauty and fragrance in spite of growing in mud. Then also, such a one would live a meaningful life. So… as you can see from this, anyone today can achieve Holy Salvation provided they sincerely yearn for it!

Because our mind dominates our existence today, and our ‘true awareness’ is hidden from the mind’s eye, we easily mistake our emotions, thinking and actions, as pure soul expressions, but this is not the case. They are mere expressions of the mind, while our soul (consciousness) is the true source of our life, and, of the mind itself, that expresses itself through human nobility – such as true love, compassion, selflessness, the appreciation of beauty, carefreeness, high humour, intuition, seeking spiritual truth, and so on. Therefore, it’s like mistaking the flower for the root. The root of the plant can produce the stems, from which the leaves, the flowers and the fruit, etc., all emerge, but these latter cannot produce the root. So it is with the mind (proud stem) and the soul (hidden root).

Our level of awakened consciousness also dictates the level (purity or sinfulness) of the manifested mind – so there is a link between them – but one is not the other – just like the root is not the stem or its flower, etc. – though they are connected. The mind reacts to its environment in a robot-like fashion while the soulconsciousness functions as a creator, and, as an admirer of its own creation. It recognizes itself, and loves, beautifies, and humours at its own Creation, all of which the mind cannot do. The mind instead intellectualizes, by confining itself to logic and intellectual reasoning. The mind identifies itself with its ego – the selfish ‘I’ of individuality – and the mind acts as a machine, reacting to its environment according to the state of the former two functions (intellect and ego). The phantom mind, therefore, is really just an information-gathering and dispensing machine, with sense-based automatic emotions, added on for a wider experience, that all operate under totally different laws to that of one’s true self, or soul-consciousness. This is where the confusion lays, and which sadly results in the blame & condemnation that all human beings experience in their life, for their expressions of the mind (phantom thoughts & deeds) – and even ignorantly subscribe to. So, trying to change one’s nature of mind through the power of the mind is a futile exercise – found mostly in debaters, scholars and philosophers. They go round in circles, hoops, twists and turns to convince others of their logic, yet seldom does it work, unless the other parties are on the same wavelength, and so, only require an information update…


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