The Future Of Human Life & Planet Earth

The Monk With No Name was given a revelation of the future, to see how our world, and its people, would fair over the next 50-2000 years. And I must say that it was a shocking experience for him, and one that he would not like to be part of, far in the future. He saw, that following a period of relative prosperity, peace and spiritual awakening, for nearly a thousand years, starting from the middle part of this century - due to the overall positive & spiritual changes in attitude by most of the remaining human population, following a Divine "cleansing" period - that great advancements in technology will enable humans to control many factors in their lives, that seem impossible right now, but that this will also turn them into arrogant selfish beings, with very little human or spiritual values left in them, if at all. They will thus become obsessed by maximum satisfaction & instant gratification, and eventually will also become more robot than human. So for him, the latter period of this future revelation was most unappealing. Here is the near full revelation:

"I will now briefly elaborate upon this latter point. In the far future, magnetic wave/wireless technology, nano-technology, neuroscience, and the field of genetics, will all advance so much that most of what we recognize today, will not exist - it will be obsolete. For example, by the year 4000CE, unlike what people today may expect to see - that we will have saved and protected our planet - instead, what i was shown was that our cherished planet will become nothing more than a barren waste ground for dumping rubbish - even human corpses - as most humans, if one can call them that, will live in satellites orbiting the planet, or will live in moon bases or on mars, etc., as separate colonies. Furthermore, these colonies will compete with each other for valuable resources, as control of natural resources will become the most important prize for any colony. Thus, there will not be peace in that time. Sadly too, people will be born and will die in these satellites & bases, and will never know natural life. Instead, these satellites & bases will be climate controlled, germ-free atmospheres, complete with their own artificial environments, and entertainments, of every conceivable type. There will be huge hydroponic farms, for growing vegetarian foods, as there will be no animals reared for food. There will be simulated skies, thru new light technology, that will turn from day to night; and sound waves will be used to create different atmospheres. The only external natural views will be that of the stars, the sun, the moon, and barren plant Earth, through viewing portals (windows). There will be some small, natural habitats, created at various places, simply as a reminder of our former glorious planet, brimming with life, when humans previously shared it with other life forms - but these will be visited, like zoos are today, and will not be part of normal architecture. Human lifestyle, therefore, will be unrecognizable, by today's standards. For example, there will be no books, no retail shops, no casual bars or restaurants, and no actual money or bank accounts even - only a system of "credits" will exist, for various specialist items. There will be no houses or private cars, or even roads, or walkways, as public vehicles will fly from place to place, guided by navigation technology, and people will live in "family rooms", rather than houses, within the bases & satellites, where almost everything will be automated. Light & sound wave technology will prevail.

Foods too will be processed into convenient tablets or drinks that will be nutritionally balanced, but unrecognizable in today's world. Very few people will work, as robots will do most jobs, so extremes of leisure activities will be the norm - such as virtual reality theme parks, that will be like taking part in an actual real-life video game, including serious risks of injury and death. The most thrilling experiences, however, will be via direct stimulation of the various brain centres, to create fantasies, and emotional realities, within one's own mind, that one can interact with, even for sex pleasure. Thus, new types of addictions will exist, as drugs or alcohol, etc., will be obsolete. Although there will be no local crime, there will be the usual corruption in the highest posts, while many others will live, in a simple state of stupor, through having personal, "brain-wave" addictions, that will keep many humans occupied, most of the time - sometimes for years. Hospitals, as such, will not exist - only local clinics, that will use the new "wave technology", to cure/relieve visiting or home-based patients, will exist - as quantum mechanics will be fully understood and utilized by then. Serious diseases, therefore, will not exist. Most clothes will be simple synthetics, yet be so advanced that they will be able to change colour, and be warm or cool, etc, according to need. All gadgetry will be very small, but highly advanced - mostly powered by electro-magnetic waves, with no batteries or electrical cables needed. Indeed, everything will be wireless, and will thus be voice- or sensor-controlled, while robots will do most of the mundane work. Currency will not exist, as people will carry credit in their body.

People there will be largely equal in status, except for the "law enforcers", the "guardians" (military), the "commercialists" (traders/business dealers/producers) and the "Governing Council". Also, a new phonetic language will exist, for all communications, and super-intelligent computers (connected to living cells) will rule most communities. Communications will be controlled by "transputers", as they will be termed, rather than computers - a central part of which will be transplanted, as micro-chips, into each human being's brain, from birth, so that each one can be monitored and tracked, among many other functions. Thus, external phones, computers, or the internet will not be necessary. Our brain will wirelessly connect to the 'internet' of the day, and to any "comms" networks. Indeed, every part of life will be controlled and monitored. Brainwave technology will be the principle mode of learning, leisure and behavior control. There will exist centres of advanced learning, but not with teachers as we know them today, for schools will be replaced by libraries of electronic information archives, stored in electro-wave form, that will simply be connected to our brain, when needed or allowed, via our implanted micro-chip, for the instant learning of facts. But these implants will also serve many other functions - such as regulating our emotions, acquiring knowledge instantly, wirelessly tracking every human being, and controlling their behavior to conform to society norms. Also, people will be genetically engineered so that all will look very similar, with no obvious races, or build differences, and they will be mostly very beautiful, well-shaped, intelligent and hairless. Most adults will wear a thin, metallic-like, wireless headgear, that will link directly to their brains, and also cover one eye and one ear, to enhance the main senses. There will be hardly any illness and most people will live till 120 years old, unless they are "terminated", by law or by accident. In fact, overall, the humans of that time will be more robot than human, with no deep or compassionate emotions, etc. So, when those people look back at us, via their history lessons, they will consider us, in the 21st century, to be very primitive and ugly beings, in every way. There will be very little independent thinking, among citizens, only by the "councillors", "technologists" and "logicians", etc, as most people will feel stable and satisfied, through electric brain-wave stimulation.

Furthermore, they will be able to travel great distances, through time warps of space, to reach far off planets, just as aliens have been visiting our Earth, for centuries now - watching and observing - till we are advanced enough to be safely communicated with. But by 4000CE we will long have been part of a "federation of planets", comprising beings similar to ourselves, that frequently interact with one another, and conduct trade, etc, as well as conflicts.

However, despite all these advancements, our human existence, in any form, connected with this Earth, will not last forever. After around 1.3 million years, from now, this planet will collide with another planetary body, called planet "X", that will destroy this planet completely. Shortly before that, though, there will be no life left here on Earth, except for micro-organisms and the shadow Earth beings that live beneath the surface of the Earth, due to raging fires of methane, earthquakes and volcanoes, removing most of the oxygen and producing toxic fumes - the legacy of an arrogant & selfish human population.

Looking closer to our current time, i.e., from the start of the next 100 to 500 years from now, human beings will still inhabit our planet, but populations will be strictly controlled to no more than around 9 billion individuals, worldwide. These future generations will also experience revolutionary new technologies and lifestyles, quite alien to our own today. For example, highly advanced thinking "biological" computers with run most systems in society and people will not have to work in a formal capacity as we do today. They will instead be expected to morally contribute some of their time to supporting the structures of society, computer systems, and each other, but not for "wages". Indeed, there will eventually be no banks or money, as such, but instead a system of "credits" will exist - that each one will carry with them, electronically, which will be based upon one's accumulated individual merit to society (for their good deeds, helpful contributions, or personal services rendered, etc.), and, their acquired/learned or natural skill set - rather than upon monetary/asset wealth. Rules will also be in place that will dictate the maximum spend (of credits) anyone can do for luxury items of their choice, per year, in order to protect natural resources, and so, "swaps" will be a key method of acquiring new/used goods without breaking society spend limits. Everyone will wear a mandatory wrist-band, that will function like an electronic ID & tracker, which will be super 'smart'. Everything administrative (regarding one's life) will be stored there, including auto-tracking and base communications. There will also be "smart" handheld 'multi-vices' (as they will be termed) in use too for all sorts of non-administrative and entertainment needs, and all electronic devices will be wireless & cableless too. Monitoring and evaluating will be the norm of the day for everything, so that all citizens and administrators can function optimally and smoothly - detecting problems, or likely failures, as they arise, for quick correction/repair.

Regarding one's living space, there are changes there too. Once anti-gravity technology takes hold, whole cities will be built in the sky, floating high in the air, which will form near sterile, pollution-free & tightly regulated "citadels". Building materials will be strong, but light, and no-one will own large spaces greater than their need; yet every comfort & need will be provided for all "citadel" citizens. Meanwhile, on the ground, people who chose to reside there will live a more rustic, unsophisticated life, in prefabricated homes and old buildings that will not benefit as much from advanced technologies, since it will be too inefficient/resource demanding for societies to run them in the same efficient manner as the citadels. Transport will change too, as all forms of hover and flying vehicles will be utilised to travel between the floating citadels and the ground cities, with no hydrocarbons (fossil fuels or bio-oils) needed or allowed.

Concerning the matter of health & well-being of the human population, people will generally live much longer and will have far fewer health complaints, as special food & pollution regulations will be in place so that the supply of foods, cosmetics and household substances will be strictly regulated to only provide nutritious, safe and proportionally relevant items that will not contain harmful ingredients, chemicals, or any other substances that are hazardous to humans, nature, or the environment, by law. Obesity will be largely eliminated too as it will be considered a serious health issue. All mind-altering or harmful drugs will become illegal, and largely not used by normal society, including alcohol, tobacco and recreational drugs. Hospitals will exist for emergencies only, as new local poly-clinics will deal with the brunt of mainstream health complaints. Generally speaking, health abusers will be frowned upon and shunned by mainstream society. There will be extensive health & fitness programs in place which everyone will be expected to participate in, to maintain themselves in good health. Also, everyone will be vegan by that time and animal farming of any sort will be considered barbaric and out-dated, as new superfoods will be created, and enhancement supplements will be used.

There will be no more wars, and indeed, eventually, no elected governments as each citadel will run its own affairs, according to the rules set out by the chief computer in charge of best practices at the time. As such it will be a far more egalitarian society, which most individuals will respect and adhere to. Advanced computers will even be able to assess the social risk, health, and natural abilities of each new-born individual to society - through both genome mapping/assessment and brainwave pattern interrogation - so that any corrections, rehabilitation and temporary isolation can be effectively utilised for likely and actual transgressors of the law, as they will be termed. Thus there will be no real lawlessness, and no real desire for individuals to become transgressors. There will still be a form of police force in place with sophisticated technology to monitor the whereabouts and activities of all citizens, so everyone will be tracked & watched for anomalies, by the administrative super computers that will inform the police of any likely wrong-doing, or anti-social behaviour.

However, there will be no military service as we know it today, since human beings will live in relative peace with one another, although there will be an auto-defence system in place, comprising of advanced, computer-controlled high-tech defence hardware that will be manned by military-like personnel, and, supporting robots. The only enemy of humanity at that time will come from outer space, as we will, by then, be part of a federation of planets - made up of humanoids, in all their forms - defending ourselves against the aggressive, lessor evolved, non-humanoid races, especially the reptilians, as mentioned earlier in the discourse. Diplomacy, however, will be the rule of the day.

One universal language, resembling English, will dominate future communication, while cultural concepts & languages will be there for sentimental purposes only, for those who wish to learn them. Education and learning itself will be free to all citizens, and will be available through 'online-type' access rather than through physical education institutions. It will be geared & tiered according to natural ability and need. In time, all manner of brain enhancements will also be available, depending upon one's chosen 'profession' or 'interest'. Telepathy will be taught as part of psychology and will become a recognised science. Artificial intelligence will greatly change our way of life. Genetic engineering will also be a key feature later this century, where corrective/transplant surgery/enhancement will be the norm. What's more, we will have developed enhanced vision glasses and super lenses that will allow us to both see well in the dark, and, to perceive great detail from the energy patterns of all objects in the day, that will also bring previously unseen features of everyday things to life.

A true form of time travel will also exist, after 2070, where individuals will be able to actually view the past or future, via their mind, but not interact directly with it - thus, only observe it, just as many in the future visit us today, without our knowing. Only occasionally do they become visible to our technology, such as via cctv, sensors or digital photography, but not to the human eye. Now this is something that today seems unbelievable, simply because we do not have the complete technology yet to do this. And, while interesting or fun, the more important application of this technology will be our final understanding of the multiverse concept of quantum physics, through the verification of such."

Overall then, it will be a cold, robotic and artificial existence, in the far future, that we cannot even imagine today. The good news is, though, that all sincere spiritual beings - whether on the spiritual path yet, or not - will be rescued before that time, so they will not have to endure such an 'inhuman' existence. Thus, only the nonspiritually orientated, human beings, will continue to incarnate in the far future world. However, the trouble for us today, is, that if we don't embrace spirituality in this lifetime, or at least become vegan, compassionate and environmentally conscious, then we will likely have to incarnate into lower forms of life, in order to pay back our karmic debt - possibly for many many lifetimes - before being given another chance at human existence. And this may take us well into the 'inhuman period', that i have just mentioned, where it would be next to impossible to escape its traps, due to the lack of access to Holy Masters, or spiritual knowledge even. So please beware of this, if you are still hesitant about taking the spiritual path, today. Most have waited millions of years already!


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