The Great Realms Of Creation

Now for those who want to know a little more about the great Realms of Creation (or distinct levels of pure consciousness, as others term it), including about our own true origin, the 5th Realm (or Kingdom of God, Sat Desh, Firdaws, Swarga or Buddhahood as various religions term it), i will briefly explain them now, starting from the lowest '0 Realm' right up to the highest '9th+ Realm'.

Firstly, the 'Physical/Material Plane', which is one of the lowest, or '0' Realms, of Creation, is the Realm we currently inhabit, and comprises the physical universe and all similar universes. At this level we have a physical body, a mind, and a soul, alloyed together, in order to function here. It is also the most restricted form of existence that we will experience, during our journey thru Creation, and the most difficult. However, our existence here is rather special, because it offers our weary soul a unique opportunity to find salvation, from the endless hidden snares of Creation - a privilege not found in any other Realm. It is only at this level that we can actually 'seek' the highest Truth, and so, work our way back to the Kingdom of God, from where we originally came. Therefore, salvation is made possible here, because it is only at this level that a rescue can be 'earned'- through a system found nowhere else in Creation - namely, free choice + faith (the apparent freedom to make good or bad choices, based upon simple faith)- and is the means by which readiness is decided by God. But this concept of making 'choices' only exists here, in the lowest Realm of Creation, because very uniquely, total ignorance of reality actually occurs at this level- meaning, we have to rely upon choices for our every step, as we don't have foresight. This means that only sincere seekers, of the highestTruth,will naturally choose to enquire about it-then follow it and have faith in it- even before it is fully revealed to them - hence, they become worthy of it!

Next comes the 'Astral or Perceptions Plane', that only our soul & mind (expressed through imagination) can visit, without needing a physical body - as the 5 'life' senses we all experience also exist in an astral form, as an exact copyof our physical body. So this 1st Realm is the home of our emotions & sense perceptions - a craving function of 'lower mind' that we all enjoy. In brief, they are the functions of sight, hearing, touch, taste, smell & feelings. Now, for those who do not know, i will explain about the different levels of the 'mind', we each have, a little later. But for now, this 1st Realm also contains the familiar karmic 'heavens' & 'hells', mentioned in the Holy Books.

Next comes the 'Causal or Creation Plane', which only our soul & 'higher mind'(expressed through thought & desire will) can visit, without needing the body or the senses of lower mind. This 2nd Realm is the source of individual 'minds' (each a part of Universal Mind -itself located in Trikuti (top region of the Causal Plane))- and is the origin of 'karma' or spiritual justice that i will discuss later. Also, lower Creation & time (past, present & future) is created here.

The next Realm of Creation is the great 'Par Brahm or Soul Realm'- the 3rd Realm of 'individual soul'- where no mind, body or senses exist at all, and so, neither does karma or time - for only free souls reside there, as individual entities. Thus, as one is free of the identity imposed by an associated 'mind', this brilliant Realm marks the point of true self-realisation (who we really are)- termed "true liberation".

The next Realm of Creation is the 'Soh-Hung or Universal Realm' -the 4th great Realm of 'universal soul'- a powerful realm where individual souls now merge into the collective soul-consciousness - recognising all others as just another expression of the 'self'- a sense of 'oneness' - where "I am thee", subtly resounds - day & night.

The next and most glorious Realm of 'finite' Creation is the 5th Realm of 'Sat Desh' (abode of the 'Supreme Lord') - the true source of our soul, and thus, our true home (heavenly abode).It is the purest, brightest & most powerful realm that we (as divine souls) can inhabit -termed by the Holy Masters as the highest Kingdom of God. It is the region from where all true Holy Masters originate, and for us, marks our final destination. Only pure truth, love & bliss resides there...

Now although this Realm is our final destination, there do exist higher realms of Creation that are populated by 'soul-like' forms, just like in our own 5th Realm. In brief, these realms are the 6th to 9th+Realms that are further expressions of Divinity, but we cannot access them, for we do not originate from there, and they are too incomprehensible to even be explained, hence, i will not do so today.

Also, each great Realm is actually a layer of existence (or spiritual consciousness) that contains countless numbers of created planes & regions of every conceivable type - just like our Universe contains vastly different regions, from galaxies to stars to planets, and so on; each with its own unique set of "inhabitants” and natural laws. And all this 'Creation' is maintained by being infused with a Holy Power that emanates directly from the Primal Being -though is modified by the Supreme Lord of each Realm - in Their image - which subtly permeates every part of 'Creation', in the form of creative light & manifesting sound -that is largely hidden from 'Creation' itself - though is accessible by those who sincerely desire to know of the highest Truth. From this understanding it can be seen that the entire Creation is infinitely vast and varied, and that our own Universe, infinite as it seems, is just like the drop of an ocean, in comparison.

The marvel of it all is, that what i have just described to you now, is not the product of wild imagination, nor the result of mere theory or philosophy; it is instead carefully observed fact. But, just as in science, where the right tool or method is needed to see the invisible, so too can we only access these great realms, through the actual withdrawal of our attention (or awareness), from its lower level of functioning, to higher levels of existence, that allow us to witness all this, and much more, for ourselves, while still living in the human body - no need to wait for death! That's what all true Holy Masters, past & present, come to teach us, as the core of their teachings. So being human is a truly remarkable design- as those who can see the entire truth of Creation, and its Creator, at will - through the Grace of God, or via God's true Representatives (the Holy Masters on Earth), can testify - since they are 'enlightened'. However, it must be remembered that all lower forms are perishable; and thus illusion - only the soul & its Creator is eternal, which is why Holy Masters must leave this world before They become too idolized, in place of their Holy teachings. Thus, They only come to serve... Unfortunately, traditional religions have misrepresented all this, through their added cultural embellishments and myths.


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