The Inherent Obstacles (Mind & Senses)
To Higher Wisdom

In truth, the Absolute Truth cannot be seen or heard by the physical senses, nor imagined by the mind – no matter what instruments are used as aids – because it is beyond the comprehension of the senses or the mind. Only the ‘soul’ has the wisdom to understand, and the ability to be aware of, and connect with, the Holy Truth, directly. But if that’s the case, then how do the mind and the senses function to make us believe and trust in them, so convincingly? And, is there a safe way to truly experience life, the Creation, and the higher Truth, that is hidden from the mind and the senses – while we are here on Earth – a secret method to directly access our soul, which exists far beyond their capability – the wonders of which defy even the greatest mind? Well, yes there is, but to understand how it all works we must first explain how the mind and the senses work to create an illusion that we (the ego identity) indulge in, and take to be real. Science, meanwhile, cannot accurately comprehend it, because science only works within the realms of mind & matter, (like the ‘soul’ for example). Therefore, let’s start with the senses…

The senses themselves are not what they seem to biology, for they actually originate, as a complete sensory body (separate from the physical body), from a higher realm, and are merely activated within the human body, via the 5 sense organs, at birth. They derive their power (or sensory perceptions) from the empowered mind, and the empowered mind derives its power (or life force) from the soul, which is our true Reality (or Divine life form). Thus, the sense perceptions are actually formed in the ‘Astral Realm’, just above the ‘Physical Realm’, as a simple utility of our ‘lower mind’, for the sole purpose of having sensory experiences that enable us to function in the Physical & Astral worlds. They are also accompanied by certain likes & dislikes, abilities & deficiencies, etc, according to our karmas; and were formed long before our physical body was created to channelize them for use here on Earth. Indeed, all together, they form our ‘sensory body’ (or ‘astral body’, as others term it) – that can exist independently of our physical body, in the Astral Realm.

So… that is our actual form & identity in the Astral Realm, and its shape closely matches what we look like here on Earth – but in a much more glorious and radiant form, of course, with an average life span of 1000 to 3000 Earth years. This means that one astral form will result in many separate physical lives, in one form or another, here on Earth. This also means that traits and lessons can be passed on from one life to the next, shaped by our experiences, which determine our relationship with the senses (or preferences) in each lifetime. Also, the senses are greatly heightened in the Astral realm, and are accompanied by powerful emotions, that emulate pain & pleasure, here on Earth, to similarly distract/divert us from spirituality. Thus, our sensory body easily distracts our mind – both in this world, and in the Astral Realm. In fact, it is so effective, that Holy Masters have introduced rigorous measures to help curb it…

 Thus, controlling these senses so that they are useful to us, and do not lead us astray, is the first hurdle we face on our journey back home, to the Kingdom of God in the 5th Realm. That is why we are given, for example, holy directives by previous Masters to help us know how we should live on Earth, while controlling our wayward senses. These include, the “10 Commandments” of Christianity, the “5 Precepts” of Buddhism, and the “5/7 Pillars” of Islam, etc. – although, these laws are often misinterpreted.

Going back to the senses, they only come to ‘life’ when the mind powers them thru what we call, ‘activation’, and in return their experiences are interpreted by the mind to give us either pain or pleasure, in myriad forms. That is their sole function, but it is powerful enough to trap human beings into the lower realms of existence, with its resultant suffering and transient pleasures, that arise from our whole-hearted, and often selfish, indulgence in the world of the senses – the action of which results in ‘karmic’ retribution. This means that over-indulgence of the senses actually imprisons us in an endless cycle of births & deaths, in various forms, to satisfy the consequences of those uncontrolled desires and worship of the senses – instead of satisfying our soul’s needs – for that is Divine Law. But as we are ignorant of all this, and are often weak-willed, we need to invoke a higher power, to help us break free and to finally rescue us! Let’s now briefly look at the ‘mind’ element, and how it functions in conjunction with the senses…

The mind itself originates in the 2nd Realm (of thoughts), which is just above the 1st Realm of the sense perceptions. Its shape is like that of smoke, ever-changing & subtle, and is neither male nor female, but carries both traits. Its average life span is 1 to 3 million Earth years, and so, many lives in the Astral form and the Physical form can be cycled in just one lifetime of the mind. The mind is responsible for our ‘thinking’ ability and operates much like a computer here on Earth. It is programmed via the law of Karma, as decreed by Kal (the Negative Power who is the source of Lower Creation; also known as Satan, Mara or Devil by various religions). So, the mind itself is just a parrot that can be trained and influenced by the company and environment it keeps. In structure, it has 3 levels of existence, termed: gross (physical/lower expression), subtle (sensory/intellectual expression) and causal (creative/ spiritual expression). What’s more, at its highest point, the mind also houses the store of our karmas, or ‘akashic record’, that is dispensed in line with Karmic Law, and around which, individual lifetimes are created and acted out accordingly. This is what is meant by the Scriptures saying, “first the script is written, then we take birth to fulfil it”. However, the human mind’s primary function, is that of thought and imagination, which it simply expresses through passive, intellectual or fantasy attitudes/behaviour, that together, provide all the elements needed to function in the lower realms (meaning the grossly impure realms 0-2nd); the component balance of which also creates our character in each lifetime.

It is also the source of the ego, or our mental identity, that we, as humans, are so attached to. Among the ego’s many attributes, is its habit of creating distinctions & preferences between one being and another, as well as for the objects of Creation. It also creates desires for lower or base activities, which are then fed to the senses for our indulgence. But what we don’t realize is, that there is a consequence for the misuse of this facility too, just as with the over-indulgence of the senses. These consequences, which result from both the decisions we make and the intentions behind them, can include: personal suffering, poor health, tragedy, failed relationships, financial problems, confusion, loneliness, fears, and much more, as well as having to take future births in lower species, to match our level of behaviour today – or we may even have to visit one of the ‘hell’ regions, after death to clear persistent or heavy karmas, as a result. The 2nd realm is also the place where a soul attaches itself to a character (identity) in the play of the Divine.

So how do we escape all this? Again, as with the senses, we need to invoke a higher power, in order to show us the truth, and the way out, and to free us from all this ‘cause & effect’ activity that traps us in Lower Creation. There is no other way to escape, without the help and support of the Supreme Lord’s Holy Representative – for we can never fathom it out on our own, nor can we invoke the grace of a past dead Master or Prophet, since They are now as far away as the Lord is Itself. That is why the worship of idols & images of past Masters, Saints or Prophets is futile. Even the Lord Itself cannot help us directly for God is not seperate from Its Creation. God is everywhere and in everything, expressing Itself as us, life and Creation; thus, we can only know God when we merge with God. Moreover, it is only in human form that we can learn about the highest truth, and reach the highest Kingdom of God.


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