The Role Of Karma
(Law Of Cause & Effect)

Karma is another term for retribution, which means justice, or even revenge. As Jesus Christ once said, “whatever a man sows, that will he reap”. This clearly refers to karmic retribution, and simply means that for every thought or deed there will be a consequent reaction – for thoughts and deeds create a ‘ripple’ in the fabric of Creation. Indeed, they are powerful, for they carry waves of energy that, like an echo, eventually rebound back onto us. Holy Masters further say that your thoughts and feelings shape the world within you, while your words and actions shape the world around you, which means, they all carry consequences, according to the karmic law of cause and effect. Therefore, you are constantly shaping your world, little by little. On a larger scale, this means that we’re journeying through lower Creation, with our baggage of accumulated karmas that shape both our personal universe (its very existence), and, our personal experiences, in every life.

Therefore, whatever we think or do in life carries a consequence, either good or bad. This consequence may be met in this lifetime or may be carried forward onto the next, depending on the stack of karmas already waiting to be delivered – but, it is never forgotten. A famous quote shows how karma is likened to justice; you may have heard the saying, “an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth” or “what goes around comes around”. This is indeed harsh justice, and karmic law is just that, exacting, with no room for mercy, as it is administered by the Negative Power, who is inherently, not merciful.

But karmic consequences are also not that simple to determine, for attitude and intention are additional factors behind one’s thoughts & deeds, that determines the severity of the retribution. For example, if a man gets in his car and sees an enemy crossing the road, and purposefully runs him over and kills him, then we would say that this is murder. Whereas, if the same man were driving along the road, when momentarily he lost concentration so that the man crossing the road was run over and killed, then we would say, it’s an accident. In both cases, a man was killed, but the difference is in the motive and the subsequent level of remorse. So karmic consequences for one’s thoughts & deeds also reflect one’s intentions behind it, and thus, one’s level of remorse. So, karmic consequences for one’s thoughts & deeds also reflect one’s intentions behind it, including one’s level of remorse. This is why it is called ‘perfect’ justice, by the Holy Masters; and it extends far beyond the level of our limited human/worldly justice.

So, karma is used to create our destiny, or script, that we are born with. Indeed, on this subject the Holy Gurus from the Sikh faith, plainly say, “first, the story of our life is written, and then we take birth to fulfil it”. Similarly, the Holy Bible also says “…the law must prevail…”, meaning karmic law. Meanwhile, the Buddha said, “all living beings have deeds (karma) as their own inheritance, their congenital cause, their kinsman, and their refuge. It is karma that differentiates beings into low and high states”. We therefore have an allotted destiny to fulfil, which we cannot change, and we cannot change the course of events of life because we are all interdependent upon one another. To change one person’s life would affect a whole chain of events that reaches far into the future, causing chaos in the universe, so this never happens, as such. Instead, we can adjust to the events we face – with faith and understanding – achieved thru spiritual practice, so that we hardly feel the effects – though some elements can also be smoothed out, thru the grace of a living Holy Master. So… just like the seasons of the year follow a cycle that cannot change, so too, do we follow the script that has been allotted to us for this lifetime. However, all is not hopeless, for we can escape the karmic trap, with the help and grace of a living Holy Master, Who comes directly from God to rescue those souls who sincerely cry out for help. Our escape, therefore, is only made possible through the compassionate help of the Holy Representatives of God (Holy Masters), Who have the power to overcome/forgive the traps that we have entered into!


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