The True Origin & Cycle Of Human Existence

I would like to introduce you to a very controversial topic about modern human origins, that, although disputed today by closed-minded scientists, evolutionists and creationists, will eventually be proven to be fact by the very same scientists, etc. who dispute it today. I am talking about the point at which modern human beings (Homo sapiens) first appeared on Earth – according to both the Holy Masters, past & present, and, from new scientific evidence recently examined -that also puts into question the actual origin of ‘modern’ human beings (meaning, their genetic DNA). Contrary to popular belief, that modern humans evolved from ape-like hominids, over a vast period of time (6 million years or so), and that truly ‘modern’ humans began to appear in far East Africa, possibly120,000 yrs ago – as direct descendants of specific ape-like hominids – recent research shows that our actual genetic version of human being, appeared abruptly around 287,000 yrs ago (fair first wave), and then again around70,000 yrs ago (dark last wave), in far North then South Africa, and that we have continued to ‘evolve’ since then. But, most interestingly, we are, in fact, genetically & anatomically unlike any other animal species on Earth? Furthermore, new geological and archaeological evidence shows that some form of ‘modern-like’ humans (the term used by scientists to explain an intelligent & anatomically modern human population that’s not ape-like), actually existed from as early as around 50 million years ago (during the Eocene Epoch, in geological terms). What’s more, ‘human-like’ visitors have appeared on Earth, from at least 2 billion years ago (during the Orosirian Period) onward – well before the dinosaurs, or even any other type of animal, existed! Indeed, several mysterious ancient artefacts & fossils, clearly show, that modern humans, or human-like visitors, have been recorded in existence, all throughout the geological Ages, up to the present day. Now, as astonishing as this may seem, it is not surprising to those who are spiritually enlightened. Indeed, Holy Masters tell us that human beings are not alone in this vast universe, and that we have actually undergone ‘cycles’ of change & existence, here on Earth, countless times… Let me explain… These great cycles are termed: Satya Yuga (Golden Age), Treta Yuga (Silver Age), Dwarpar Yuga (Bronze Age) and Kali Yuga (Dark Age). Each Yuga (or 3240 year Age) relates to humankind’s evolved state of mind & awareness at that time – with the ‘Golden Age’ being characterised by the prevalence of spiritually evolved/saintly human beings (able to reach the top 2nd Realm), and the ‘Dark Age’ being characterised by the predominance of unenlightened/base human beings that are not far above the animal species, in both behaviour and characteristics (meaning, their awareness is limited or restricted to the Physical Realm), and so on… Each full (+/-) cycle of 8Yugas is termed a Mahayuga, which lasts for 25,920years – starting from Satya down to Kali, then back up to Satya again. Thus, human progress, in the current Mahayuga era (which precesses through the constellations, at a rate of 1o every72 yrs), has likely occurred for the past12,964 yrs (to 2016).

*[Incidentally, each planetary cycle (kalpa) lasts for c. 4.32 billion yrs before final destruction]. [Each intermediate planetary catastrophe cycles at 24 million yrs, for 180 cycles till the end].

Indeed, according to the Holy Masters, we’ve just ended (in 2012) the +Dark Age/Kali Yuga of ‘strife & learning’, that began around1228BCE, with the start of the Iron Age. So… the new period we’ve now begun is the +Bronze Age/Dwarpar Yuga that started from 2012CE, following a global shift in spiritual energy (+/upward). Incidentally, the reason why scientists haven’t yet discovered direct evidence of these great cycles (Yugas) is because much of the physical evidence of their existence has been lost to the natural planetary catastrophes that have occurred, from time to time, throughout the past 50 million years. Indeed, these natural catastrophes have resulted in the global destruction of much of our planet’s surface, which largely wiped out most life forms, and almost all signs of previous human-like “civilisations”. Today, only very little, but extremely significant, archaeological and geological evidence exists, to reveal all this to us – though most scientists simply ignore them, at present, as they are treated as so-called ‘anomalies’ that cannot be explained by current science. But this is a contentious subject for another day, so i wont elaborate upon it now. However, for those interested in this important subject of, forgotten ancient ‘human’ existences, they can read an interesting book, by Michael Cremo & Richard Thompson, entitled, The Hidden History of the Human Race: The Condensed Edition of “Forbidden Archeology”, first published in 1993. In this ground-breaking book the authors explain about the apparent great antiquity of humankind, using scientific principles and clear archaeological evidence, though they leave the final conclusions and implications of these discoveries to the reader. Similarly, regarding the scientific origins of modern humanity, one should read another interesting book, by Lloyd Pye, entitled, Everything You Know Is Wrong!, first published in 1998. He is a paranormal scientist and author, who discovered the now famous ‘Starchild’ skull, in 1997 Texas, USA – a relic from ancient humanity, which led him to research about the true origins of modern humans, with astonishing, and very controversial, findings.

Furthermore, the interesting fact that modern human beings (meaning, “us”), unlike our famed ancestors (the early humans in the evolution chain), are so incapable of ‘natural’ (unsupported by tools & technologies) survival, here on Earth – such as our need for clothing, shelter, tools, etc. just so we can live on this planet (as opposed to providing mere comfort) – is unlike that of any other animal here on Earth. Now this is a very interesting point, and one that scientists cannot rightly explain. Very briefly, according to most evolutionists (those who believe in the Darwinian theory of evolution), human beings evolved from ape-like creatures, which means that, theoretically (according to the theory of evolution), they should possess improved functional & survival capabilities, gained through a process called ‘natural selection'(survival of the fittest), over millions of years of evolution – meaning, that each step up on the evolution scale is supposedly an improvement upon the previous step. However, while this is largely true for all other animals, it is not so for modern humans, and this directly contradicts the established theory of evolution. For example, our so-called ancestors (the ‘early’ humans) had a natural ability to survive the harsh elements of our planetary weather & environment- without getting sunburnt, having countless sicknesses, needing to cut their nails & manage their hair, etc., or possessing anatomical weaknesses that forcibly require tools & aids to manipulate the environment, just for their survival. Yet modern humans do possess these obvious survival limitations, while all other animals do not when placed in their natural environment. Why? Similarly, modern human beings often make choices that defy the evolutionary theory of “maximal reproduction up to the limit of the food supply”, or, having a “savage survival and competitive mentality”. For example, many humans choose to opt out of having children to maintain the species, in favour of an easier life, or avoid being savagely competitive/selfish, in favour of altruism – and that goes squarely against evolutionary theory. No other animal, including ‘early’ humans, show this trait. So why do we, if we are merely a product of biological evolution?

What’s more, our nearest non-human relative, the bonobo chimp, has 48 chromosomes in their genes, while modern humans have only 46, following a fusion at chromosome 2 (an unnatural gene mutation said to have occurred about 4millionyrs ago)- and quite uniquely, we have 6000+ genetic faults with 65% of human beings suffering from a genetic disorder – plus, over100 gene mutations occur in every new generation. Why? We also share over 98% of our coding gene pool with that of the great apes, yet, we are clearly much more evolved than the apes, and, new scientific evidence contradicts the”Out of Africa”theory!

Additionally, human beings naturally have a need to seek answers about their origin, or Creator, etc., whether through faith, science or mythology. But this seeking habit doesn’t relate to a survival need, or food acquisition, and so, is wholly contrary to evolutionary theory, which clearly states that we are supposedly pre-programmed robots designed to survive, grow and reproduce, without questioning it all. Similarly, evolution theory doesn’t adequately explain why celibacy, homo-sexuality, adopting others children, seeking harmful drugs & entertainment, caring for the physically or mentally disadvantaged, enjoying love & beauty, and many other anti-evolutionary traits naturally exist in human beings. See Gregg Braden for further info…

Now, in the current Age, our need for answers comes in 2 forms: Firstly, according to mainstream religion (creationism), human beings, and all other created things, exist for the greater glory of God, their Creator, while the atheists believe that, according to sociobiology (evolutionary science), human beings, and all other living things exist for the benefit of their ‘selfish’ genes (meaning, a gene-centred view of evolution), through which their very life’s existence is a celebration for. Thus, atheists are quick to dismiss “God” as the motivating cause of human behavior, yet what they do instead is to simply replace God with Genetics as the main causal entity. But this is still a form of seeking a master controller, and revering it, rather than merely focusing on daily survival and reproductive needs – hence again, is contrary to evolutionary theory.

As a final point, from a science or atheist point of view, one may rightly ask – why does evolution exist in the first place? Where did it come from and what drives it? What is the reason for this process existing? Now evolutionary theory does not answer this, but instead explains the phenomenon of replication (and reproduction) as an automatic given, like the existence of the Planck (mathematical) constant. The problem is that, in particular, a molecule of DNA, or indeed, of anything else, is not benefited by a replica of itself being brought into existence – whether by that molecule itself, or, by anything else. So why does this occur? Science has no answer to this most profound question. You see, molecules after all cannot delight in the number of replicas that they make of themselves. They are not even intelligent enough to know when they have made a replica of themselves. Also, why should molecules group together to form complex structures, and then, exhibit consciousness itself, if they do not follow the grand plan of a conscious Creator/Designer? Faced with this problem a true/honest scientist must admit defeat!

Similarly, by merely thinking that human beings act in genetic self-interest, alone, like that of other animals, prevents one from seeing both the obvious contradictions in the evolution theory, and, the hidden truths behind human behavior. Indeed, on closer inspection, one will easily conclude that there must be something else motivating and driving human beings that can’t be explained by current science, and, that science is unable to provide a definitive account of our true origin, and behavior. Therefore, while Darwinian Evolution may apply to the lower species, it does not rightly apply to ‘modern’ human beings. Certainly, we can agree that all animals, including human beings, are somewhat led ‘biologically’ to behave in “natural” ways, via a hormone system of reward-punishment, and, that this biological behavior is largely genetically determined. However, in human beings, social conditioning and spiritual insight can act upon their mind to suppress or override it. Thus, uniquely, human beings appear to exhibit a true concept of ‘choice’, not found in other animals.

Meanwhile, it must be pointed out that despite all the flaws in evolution theory, the ‘evolution’ concept, in part, is still a valid theory for describing why certain aspects of human biology (based upon our molecular-genetic makeup) functions the way it does when faced with a primitive natural ecosystem that has nothing to do with modern societies. However, it is only valid in explaining human behavior in terms of hormonal behavior, or, for in-species variations; not in explaining macroevolution or our thinking behavior.

But what does all this mean for us, in terms of science versus philosophy/religion? Well, to summarise the problem, from a purely scientific point of view – there are some difficult questions for science to answer. For example, why do some simple molecules (such as DNA) exhibit ‘life’ or ‘consciousness’? Indeed, this is a real mystery for science, unless science admits to the existence of a conscious designer/creator behind it all. Similarly, from an evolution point of view, any step up on the evolution ladder means more complex DNA, and hence, a greater number of genes, etc., along with supposedly improved natural survival capabilities, and other advancements, as well as an obsession for survival, reproduction and the protection of self-interest, above all else. If this is so, then what went wrong with human beings, where on one hand they have advanced so greatly with their intelligence, reasoning and altruistic capability – way beyond the small genetic changes found in their genes, when compared to their nearest ape relative (the bonobo chimp) – yet so poorly with the physical survival capability of their frail human bodies? Or… is there another explanation of how ‘modern’ humans appeared on Earth? This is an interesting and unexplained problem for science, but is again a controversial subject for another day. I have only included it here, among similar points, to make the enquirer think for themself about such matters, rather than to just blindly follow the crowd – as well as to encourage a meaningful debate on the subject, among scientists and others – whatever the consequences may be to the existing theories. In time all will be revealed, and the truth will be even more fascinating! Indeed, the next few years will prove very interesting for science, especially regarding their exploration of the Arctic and Antarctic areas that will yield many more controversies about our planet!

In conclusion then, what does all this infer about our true origins? Well, for the emerging new-age breed of scientists, and for most true spiritual practitioners, this infers that we must be a completely new biological species, and not merely an evolved species from the great apes – though we do share a lot of genetic material with other life here on Earth – that’s common to all ‘carbon-based’ life forms (meaning those found here on Earth). Thus, the theory of evolution may apply to other animals, but not completely to modern humans, who must partly originate from somewhere else – perhaps another planet even – which may explain their sudden appearance here on Earth, around 270,000 years ago – and then also, their later more modern anatomy, from around 70,000 yrs ago – who all went on to partly inter-breed with other human-like species (hominins), to create our modern human populations. But, this is a subject for another day, when that new-age science, i mentioned earlier, catches up… Also, not a single species has ever been proven to originate from another, nor is there any direct viable evolutionary ancestor to ‘modern humans’ (us).

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